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Unavoidable tonics of pursuing passion

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It is a common saying that ‘‘Money answers all things’’, True, yet false. The argument(s) often raised by this statement is not far fetched, as most people will argue that money provides the solution or source of solution to all of their problems. Others argue, that no matter how much money one acquires, there remains an unfilled void of satisfaction and fulfillment, sometimes even created during the quest to acquire money. I find myself a student in both school of thoughts. However, the latter supersedes the former.

There seems to be a laid down structure to being a successful candidate in the school of life. To be successful, one has to study a professional course in school, get a degree, apply for jobs, work up the job ladder earning points (salary), accumulate funds (if bills and responsibilities don’t get the best of you), retire and continue cycle on a retirement plan. Frankly, this works for alot of people, but obviously not everyone. Most people are continually found in this cycle with little or no extra curricular activities or time for self care, evaluation and development.

Undoubtedly, there’s nothing more comforting than financial security (if there is, I’ll be more than obliged to make its acquaintance). Every Individual wants a constant reminder that they can handle any situation whenever they please. Hence, the unwavering decision to pause or neglect a pursuit of happiness, then dive into a pool of early risers, mostly working in fields which yield no reasonable self productivity, yet are bent on crawling through years of ‘‘same shit, different day’’ for a means to an end. A means to survive and hopefully conquer.

A school of thought as I like to see them, share the view that; ‘‘self development and eventual effectual productivity, through developed skill sets driven by passion is the ultimate satisfaction which answers all things’’. In plain words, a passion driven occupation will eventually yield financial security and ultimately, individual fulfilment.

Almost everyone knows someone or a number of people who share this thought. People who go through school, obtain a degree, yet pursue their dream with a set of skills totally unrelated to their degrees. Those who enrolled in school but dropped out to chase a dream fueled by passion and are living the dream and others who share similar experiences.

It is one thing to want to do what you love, but it’s a different ball game to have your survival depend on the success of a passion. It takes fundamentally, five key indicators to pursue a passion squarely.


As opposed to being bold or bravery, which involves being aware of a challenge and taking it on, I see courage differently. A defiance. Taking on a career based on academic background or experience is somewhat straightforward. One already knows it’s do a string of things for a period and get paid then repeat. These days, almost anyone can work anywhere as long as you posses basic academic knowledge and communication skills. Most organisations even engage employees in on-the-job trainings to achieve desired productivity. However, to take on a career path different from the supposed norm, often self taught, in the confines of ones environment, mostly unaware of the exact ratio of acceptance from family, friends, prospective customers and possibility of being successful, takes a ton of courage.


To survive as an individual in pursuit of a passion, one has to stay dedicated to the dream. Life has its ways of playing on our minds. You can be passionate about something but can waver or be skied off course easily by stumbling blocks, difficulties, little or no progress or merely success of colleagues in other career paths. Sometimes it can be so conflicting as to whether the chosen career path was a mistake. Everything could be going well for someone else in the same career path while yours seem to be stagnant. Staying dedicated to a course encompasses setting a goal and following it up to the latter.


Often listed as a fundamental feature of success, determination plays a key role in pursuing a passion driven career. In my experience, determination magnifies dedication. It is the driving force to achieve result on a dedicated course. One can be dedicated- always available, punctual, eager to work, but remains passive in producing results. Determination fuels the zeal to achieve. It is that compelling urge to see that your passion is not just a dream but becomes the reality you want it to be. Determination breeds a successful dream chaser.


Being truthful may seem somewhat irrelevant in achieving success in a chosen career path, as many who are/have been successful lied their way through their success. Nonetheless, the importance of being truthful to one’s self cannot be left out.

‘‘A smart man is not careful in deceiving others, but a wise man is careful of deceiving himself.’’

One has to beyond doubt, be certain that your desired passion isn’t just a mere interest or flair but a talent or skill you’re considerably good at and can be developed. Being truthful to one’s self can be sometimes conflicting as the heart might want something while the mind, another.


Commonly described as the willingness to believe or accept something without physical proof or evidence, faith here refers to substantial confidence in the realisation of a passion driven goal. Even adherent faithfuls sometimes lose faith in their beliefs when faced with certain difficult situations. An individual who has decided to take on a career path solely dependent on self development, productivity and consistency, needs to have an unshakable confidence in his or her passion.

Thomas Edison’s entire life’s work had been engulfed in fire and he said to his 24 year old son, ‘‘Our entire factory has been burnt to ashes, but all the mistakes we made so far have been burnt with the factory; we will start all over again afresh tomorrow.’’ He was 67 years old at the time.

It is evident that millions of individuals remain in occupations majorly for survival (feeding, fending, financing). It however, remains a fact that health is wealth. As such, we ought to dedicate time for rejuvenation. Notwithstanding, not everyone is going to function in a passion driven profession. Every system needs to attain balance, including the workforce. It is healthy to enjoy what you do for a living, whether it be nine to five or entrepreneurship. More importantly, be productive, constantly acquiring self growth and development as one cannot overemphasise how important it is to actualize one’s dream in peace of mind and uttermost fulfilment.

Photo: TheOklahoma100.com


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