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Top 5 websites with major insights and guides on how to get a job, invest or start a business

investment options today

Its Monday again and the hustle for the (₦) Naira is upon us all again. Remember your bills don’t sleep or take a day off so why should you?

You probably have come in contact with similar headlines on how to earn money and where to look when seeking or jobs and still been unable to get any.

Hired for the job

Congratulations, your search has come to a fruitful end today.

Below are carefully researched and selected web pages with 100% legitimate and legal sources that will help you start a career with little funds and/or get a job.


Every rewarding and sustainable job/career requires a combination of hard work & smart work in the right proportions and patience to grow over time before scaling.
Diligence and Resilience are very essential in getting to the pinnacle of your chosen career. Stop being a novice and being mediocre, read up to grow your soft skills, and improve your chances of upturning your fortunes.

Johnny kiosk
04 August, Gusau, Zamfara state.
Tingg Agency ( aka. Neighbourhood) banking kiosk in Gusau, Zamfara.

Mind you, Reading never goes out of fashion and no knowledge is a waste. Readers are leaders. Investors can do well in any market by figuring out what the consumers need and how to improve their lifestyle with those needs. Although no investment is a guaranteed yardstick to successful returns, here are 5 of the best investment options for 2020.

For investments lover kindly check out: Top 5 Investments to consider before 2020 ends

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Are you a student? Lost your job? You can stay on the upside of this ‘2020’ and earn some money for yourself by utilizing your skills to maximum effect. Here are 5 easy stay at home jobs you can do to earn yourself some extra bucks. If you’re looking for remote jobs: High Paying Remote Jobs for you

stay home jobs

Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Association rubs off, it is said that if you walk with 5 successful people, you will become the 6th successful person and vice versa. One way or the other, the decisions, lifestyle, and attitude of the people around you rub off on you and influence your decisions and processes. Agency Banking enthusiasts can read: Agent of the month shares success secrets 

Contrary to popular belief, making money is actually very simple. It is as easy as ABC. Just ask any Tingg Agent. Here’s a total guide on how to succeed as an Agency Banker: How to EARN MORE MONEY as a Tingg Agent

investment options today

One major lesson has been learned across the globe since the COVID-19 pandemic raged on, and that lesson is; humans must feed. pandemic or not! This is a basic natural law! Food is required to ensure the survival of humanity and as such food security cannot be overemphasized. There is no better direction to look as an investor. The BEST investments in the Agricultural sector (which happens to be the highest growing sector in the country): BEST investment options in the Agricultural sector to CASH ON TODAY

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