Home news Pepsodent Ghana Launches #BrushWithMe Campaign To Elevate Good Oral Hygiene Among Ghanaians

Pepsodent Ghana Launches #BrushWithMe Campaign To Elevate Good Oral Hygiene Among Ghanaians


In commemoration of World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2021, Pepsodent Ghana, has today launched the #BrushWithMe campaign to rally parents and guardians to start and encourage a day and night teeth brushing routine with their children.

This campaign was developed after a new global research conducted by Pepsodent showed that the global COVID-19 pandemic had caused major disruption in oral care routines especially in children. Although health and wellbeing had been reprioritized, three out of four people focused only on their physical and mental wellbeing, with many families neglecting oral health habits.

Compared to 2018, fewer people are brushing twice a day, with 1 in 3 adults going a whole day without brushing their teeth and when adults, especially parents skip brushing, their children follow suit thus increasing the rate of oral health issues within homes and families.

As the country’s preferred toothpaste brand, Pepsodent Ghana believes in the power of healthy smiles. That’s why this WOHD 2021, the brand has launched #BrushWithMe, a campaign to remind parents of their joyful responsibility in taking care of the oral health of themselves and their little ones, and to encourage families to get brushing better, together.

To kick off the #BrushWithMe campaign, Pepsodent has created a #BrushWithMe film to help parents recognise the universal truth that children copy their parents. There shall be series of on ground activities like dental screening at selected malls as well a 21-day challenge among Ghanaians.

Mame Serwah Saifah, Oral Care Brand Manager of Unilever Ghana said: “We know that parents really are the agents of change for the whole family when it comes to instilling habits and routines. As verified by our research, the actions of parents are often mimicked by their ‘copycat children,’ and their habits, both good and bad, have an impact on their children. For this reason, we want to encourage parents across the world this World Oral Health Day with #BrushWithMe, to instil a good oral health routine in the family by brushing day and night alongside their children.”

“Let’s all re-focus our attention on practicing good oral health care at home and set the example for our children. Let’s brush better, together,” he added.


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