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What does it take to cause change in a world with black lives?


Millions of people have taken to the streets to raise their voice against decades-long faulty police system and brutality which I like to refer to as — Social and human rights pandemic. Social media has also been overwhelmingly flooded with hashtags seeking justice, equality and change.

As I was reading tweets from the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, I came across a heartbreaking story which made me realize; we’re living in a world where domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, murder and police brutality is rooted into the minds of people who continue to perpetrate crimes because the system has failed its people and people, themselves.

“11 men rape a 12 year old girl; Police shot and killed 16 year old Tina; 22 year old Uwa, raped and brutalized in a church in Benin.”

Hashtags on social media and street protests have proven to create awareness and sometimes force a call to action from a government, but the real change never really stays or takes effect because these tags and protests fade away after a while as people return to their normal lives until another incident occurs and we go again, marching with placards and protesting with our keypads.

Ultimately, the new generation activists need strategies to drive and effect the reforms we need, but we can not enforce permanent change if we continue to do the same thing over and again.

This change we so desire begins with ME.

With YOU.

YOU are the change YOU ask for.


How can 11 full grown men come together to rape a 12-year old girl? A child!

How does a police officer who swore by oath, to protect the life of his fellow human being, brutalize and kill us like we are animals for sport?

You and I need to first see ourselves as the next person;

And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. — Mark 12:31


See yourself as that young girl you want to touch Inappropriately.

Put your son in the situation as that black man you want to brutalize.

Imagine your sister as that lady you want to hit.

See yourself as that follower to want to blackmail.

Picture your younger self as that child you want to abuse.

Put yourself in the shoes of that staff you maltreat.

Think of yourself as that man or woman you want to rob.

Switch sides with that human being you want to lead through “government”.

See yourself as George Floyd.

See yourself as every victim of child abuse, molestation, sexual harassment, rape, police brutality, emotional blackmail, domestic violence, bad governance, injustice and every inhuman treatment meted out to the human race.

If you cannot stand being any of the above, then treat the next person you see, pass by, meet, speak to, shake hands with, talk to, work with, work for, follow on social media as YOU would treat YOURSELF.


Be the reason someone believes in “good people”.


When we have changed, the world we live in can Change.

Think about it, share to the next person to think about it too.



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