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Bishop suggests ways Nigeria electoral system can be transformed


The Bishop of Kaduna Anglican Diocese, Rt Revd. Timothy Yahaya, has advocated for a total overhaul of the electoral process for democracy to find its sound footing in the country.

He said with the faulty electoral process in the country, the nation may not produce leaders that will lead the country to its citizens’ yearnings and aspirations.

Speaking to newsmen in Kaduna, the clergy expressed his displeasure about the electoral process in the country, saying, “Election that goes with bullets and gun is not good for our democracy. Election that ballot papers were being snatched and destroyed is sad for our democracy.

“If the votes of the people count, the leaders will be responsible and responsive to the people who elected them into their various offices. We must go for e-voting.”

While speaking on the fight against corruption, he said, government must be honest in its approach in order to arrest the scourge.

Revd. Timothy who frowned on government’s approach to the fight against corruption asked, “Why is it that it’s cheaper to build bridges in Ghana with the same ‘ Bill of Quantity’, and our own is 50 times higher, and we talk of fight against corruption.

“Despite the fact that Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa, if you look at the human development index, we are the last because of our culture of mediocrity.

“In Nigeria, we promoted tribalism, regionalism, nepotism rather than promoting professionalism and excellence.

“So, if we are talking about vision 2020 on health, education and other sectors, then we must change our nature of mediocrity. ”

He called on Nigerians to be united against all forms of distractions employed by the political elite to achieve their selfish goals to the detriment of the general good.

“Until we understand our common enemies, we will continue to chase shadows resulting to all kinds of problems that we are facing in the country while our political elites continue to cheat us,” he advised.


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