Home news 2020: Fresh prophecies on US, Iran, China emerge

2020: Fresh prophecies on US, Iran, China emerge


Apostle Paul Okikijesu of the Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry, Lagos State, has warned the United States of America of attacks being plotted against it by different countries.

This was part of Apostle Paul Okikijesu’s New Year prophecies, which he made available to Slim Xclusive on Friday night.

He also spoke about Iran and China. He warned that there will be a move to destroy China’s economy.

According to him, “The issue of USA will be trending/viral throughout the world. Americans should investigate how USA was originally established.

“Many people are meeting with other nations to destroy America. Increase security at the White House, port of entries and refineries.

“Beware of terrorist activity that is worse than that of Al Qaeda between January and March 2020.

“Americans should return to ‘In God we trust’ and flee from ‘In power we believe.’

“The honest people will be rewarded.
Christians should pray to God concerning the situation of the nation.

“Many ministers of God were sent to the current administration, but they refused/failed to deliver the messages.
God used Trump for the rise and fall of many in the nation.”

Speaking about China and Iran, he added, “Warning to the leadership, else the economy will be destroyed.
China will be confronted by a smaller country.”

“Abstain from idolatry and stop bloodshed,” he warned Iran.

“Allow Christianity to thrive and her citizens should fear God. Stop manufacturing dangerous drugs.

“Stop forcing people to do things. Steps to be taken in order to restore Iran’s economy.”


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