Home Entertainment News #FUTABullies who beat up 100 level female student identified and arrested

#FUTABullies who beat up 100 level female student identified and arrested


Yesterday, Nigerians were angry after a video of several FUTA students beating up a 100 level female student of same institution went viral on the internet.

A 100 Level Ecotourism and Wildlife Management student identified as Bolu apparently, had had an issue with one of the ladies that assaulted her. It was gathered that the student she had issues with invited her school father and three other female students who demanded she knelt down before assaulting her for refusing to.

Eyewitnesses have now alleged that the students who assaulted their schoolmate have been arrested. They will also be facing the University’s panel by 9a.m today November 17, where they might be expelled over the sad act which was captured in a viral video.

The male student spotted leading the fight in the video has been identified as Obalola, a 300 Level student of Industrial Design. One of the female assaulter has been identified as Oluwadare Faith, a 200 Level student of Food Science Technology. The other has been identified as Bimpe, her department and level was not immediately available.



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