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Staphylococcus Ecoli, Aureusmay: Lagos couple reveals best, fast cure


Staphylococcus Ecoli and Aureusmay is a very common infection in Nigeria, leaving many couples suffering in silence. In fact, according to the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, there are over 1.5 million of these cases in Nigeria.

Many people are left uncomfortable with the symptoms of this infection, and it is not one that you can simply ignore.

I have been married for 14 years, and my sex life has always been fun, not until late last year when I was diagnosed of having heavy growth of staphylococcus.

I had never heard of this infection before and never knew such existed.

For months I experienced terrible symptoms such as wormlike movement all over my body, boils, itching in the private area, pain in the bones, irregular menstruation and; painful urination.

I am not the type who jokes with my health, and trust me, I saw a doctor week in week out.

Truth be told, they tried their best.

Doctors gave me different type of strong antibiotics, erthromycin, vancomycin, ciprotab etc. and several powerful injections.

Each time, they assured me that I’d be fine, but each time I was left disappointed.

For months I was struggling with this infection, little did I know that my husband was also infected.

Our sex life suddenly went dry as there was no interest from both parties. I didn’t know he was also feeling some discomfort.

The eye opener – don’t suffer in silence

On one particular evening, my husband walked up to me and made the shocking revelations that he had Staphylococcus Ecoli and Aureusmay, I couldn’t believe it, and that moment changed our life.

I confessed to him, and we vowed to crush the infection. We also agreed that antibiotics might not be the solution.

Together we began to surf the net and read stories of people who have also suffered from the infection.

That was when I discovered that it was very rampant in Nigeria.

Our target though was; How to overcome Staphylococcus Ecoli and Aureusmay.

We encountered many drugs online, we tried many of them.

But most were not going to totally cure the infection, for weeks we’d be fine, then suddenly, it would pop up again.

One day in church, I was talking with a doctor – he happened to be a herbal specialist (I didn’t know until that day – and he introduced me to herbal medicine, Marcin OrgaExtra Herbal Capsule, an immune booster that effectively kills the infection.

I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I accepted the idea. But deep down, I knew I was going to throw it in the bin once I got home.

I had never used herbal medicines and always been a sceptic about the idea.

On getting home, I dropped the drug on the shelf and my husband found it. He read the info on the pack. He was impressed, I wasn’t.

He pressed that we use it and see if it works, if it doesn’t, we throw it away.

To my surprise, just 20 days after using the drug, we noticed significant changes. I wasn’t too keen at first at tagging that as victory over Staphylococcus Ecoli and Aureusmay, but months went by and the itching, menstrual problems, boils and all didn’t return.

That was our victory over Staphylococcus Ecoli and Aureusmay.

The herbal medicine and immune booster, that I wanted to trash had just effectively cleared the infection inside our bloodstream.



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