Activities to Make You More Active on Your Workday


Workplaces can be stressful and even more so if it involves sitting behind a desk for long hours. Various studies have shown that sitting for long durations can take a negative toll on one’s health. Some of the health issues that one can experience include abnormal weight gain, heart complications, diabetes, etc.
One significant advantage of working out during work hours is that it brings out that feel-good effect, which in turn boosts the employer’s and employees’ work output. However, due to a full daytime schedule, most working-class people, especially those who are also parents, may find it impossible to fit in time to work out without affecting their plans.
To supplement workouts or boost performance one can use stéroides alongside eating a properly balanced diet. Other than that, there are a couple of light exercises or activities that you can partake in during your working hours to make you more active, happy and productive.
Cycling or Walking to Work
Walking or cycling to your workplace if the distance is manageable and you will arrive on time is always a good option. These two ways of commuting are excellent cardio exercises and will make you feel more energized.
You can look for other ways of making these activities more fun like through using different routes to your workplace. If you drive to work, you can park your car some distance from your workplace and walk the remaining miles.
Challenge Your Workmates
Challenging your workmates into a fitness competition during your workday can be an excellent way to help you stay active. Activities such as staircase racing, sit-ups, walking as a group, etc. are perfect and can be done during tea or lunch breaks.
Apart from the fitness benefits, group workouts are also a functional team-building activity amongst colleagues.
Use the Stairs
Ordinarily, you don’t have to take the stairs to the 20th floor. Alighting a floor or two earlier and then taking the stairs is a good way of staying active.
Create a Movable Workstation
Poor sitting posture for long hours negatively affects your body especially the back and neck regions. A fixed bicycle desk, treadmill desk, a portable laptop stand or desk at a perfect height will help you maintain a correct posture while working.
Deliver Reports or Documents by Hand Rather Than Emailing
Delivering reports or other documents to your colleagues by hand gives you a chance to move away from your desk and walk around within the office. Apart from the physical advantage, you will also socially interact with other workers seated far from your workstation.
Desk Workouts
Fitness experts and trainers have developed workouts that can be performed from the comfort of your work desk. The following are some of the workouts:
1.      Desk push-ups: Just like the old-fashioned push-ups, this is a perfect exercise for your arms.
2.      Desk dips: Facing away from your desk, hold onto the edge of the desk with your palms and with legs extended. Move down until your elbows form a 90-degree angle and then move back up.

3.      Shoulder squeezes: Squeeze your shoulder blades and hold them together for a period before releasing them. This exercise is perfect to stretch your arms and back.

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