JOSELF PICTURES:The Journey, Achieved 'N' Achievable


 THE BEGINNING (About the founder) - Episode one

Three peculiar things define a journey; the point at which it starts, the headed

destination and what lies between.

Just like the journey of life itself, starting from the womb, where a single cell transforms

into a developing embryo and there's a periodic growth and transitions ensue, so does it

occur dramatically, through every aspect of an individual's existence, most especially

when the elements involved are innate.

The concept of Joself Pictures was conceived out of an in-born passion for creativity

embodied by the founder/creative director, Mr Adeleke  Joseph Adeyemi; a graduate of

English/Literature from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Mr Joseph nurtured his passion with consistency and perseverance from a very young

age and through his years as a university student.

He gained admission into the university of Lagos in 2012 and two years into his degree

program, he decided to run alongside, a part-time diploma program at Graig Philips

college of technology; a Canadian affiliated school located in Maryland Lagos. There he

studied Film-Making as a major course and took selective classes in Graphics-Design

and Animation.

He was privileged to receive  first hand mentorship from some notable and highly

esteemed personalities in the entertainment industry. Individuals who are well known for

their great achievements  in the art of film-making, as their works excellently showcase

their degree of expertise. He will proudly attest to the fact that the immense

contributions of these great people, knowledge wise and career wise has helped him

through his personal journey as a young film-maker. His success story will therefore not

be complete without mentioning the likes of Mathew Simpa, Femi Bamigbetan and

Tunde Olaoye, who is an award winning director, well known for his directing

performance in the popular comedy series Jenifa's diary, Family-Ties amongst many

others. He also has the award winning movie titled 'Married But Living Single' to his


These great people  harmoniously groomed him through his days at the film school and

till today, he looks up to them for inspiration and guidance.

Following the successful completion of his course at Graig Philips college, He

proceeded with his career as an independent film maker, using the little equipment and

resources at his disposal to create little visual contents to entertain the campus

audience. His very first short film titled 'Tears' was shot with an HTC phone and it

instantly went viral, catching the attention of some big names in the industry who gave

some critical remarks on the standard of quality of the film through the influence of his

teacher - Tunde Olaoye, That in turn became a source of motivation and propellant for

him as it gained him more popularity among the students and subsequently increased

his fan base.

Not long after that, He got a slot for an exclusive interview with Unilag F.M through his

very good friend Kunbi Black who currently works as a presenter at Nigizie TV.

He continued to relentlessly keep his muse up ever since, effortlessly making bold and

giant steps towards achieving  his set goals. He is currently the creative director for

Afrique L'Timeline and has worked on different projects with them

He is Co-producing a series titled "Black" with Afrique L' Timeline of which made him

meet with Lolo1 of Wazobia F.M through the support of his close friend, Ekong Edet (a

young and fast rising actor) .

Mr Joseph is on a personal TV series project titled 'STIFF' which is scheduled to start

airing on different platforms upon it's release.

Written by: Abubakar Sadiq Hassan / Chief Editor; Joself Pictures

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