NANCY…. I cannot find the words to describe how satisfyingly pleasurable it feels to have Nancy for dinner; I can’t wait to devour her, to savour her, to taste her, have her become a part of me. To have her become me. To have her become the very thing that sustains my life and quenches my hunger.

Nancy will be honoured at all costs for such a beauty deserves an honour beyond the comprehension of the human imagination and no part of her shall spoil or go to waste for it will be a grave sin to waste such a delicious body.

I had cooked her flanks in a cast iron skillet in a hot charcoal grill, they looked so deliciously char on the outside but still very rare on the inside. And as I took a bite out of Nancy I knew she wouldn’t be disappointed because she had been deliciously prepared. She tasted like a heaven beyond heaven and as I ate her and felt her essence going into me, the familiar feeling of peace and excitement settled within me and I knew even God would be jealous.

As I finished up my meal with the rest of beautiful Nancy stored in my fridge, I sat on my couch with Nancy’s skin on my lap. I would make a world of art with her beautiful skin, so soft and luscious.

Like God I would create Nancy in an image exclusive to me. I will become her creator and I the end God will watch me create something much greater than he could ever imagine. But then again I am God, I give and take life. I gave my children life and then I took Nancy’s life. But I made it better. I made it delicious…I made her something she could never even dream of and through me she transcends death and becomes something greater.

She becomes me and I her.

In the mind of a psychopath...

Written by @Soulfulsinner

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