“LAURA”…her name rolled off his tongue as he carried her unconscious body to the lab. She was beautiful just like his mother; he mused enjoying the feel of her thick red curls against his skin. Placing her on the metal table, he took his time to make her up; curling her thick lashes and applying powder and a little colour to her lips. Now to wait for her to wake up.

She woke up with a startle and then closed her eyes immediately at the impact of the sharp bright light. Where was she?... her brain kicked in and realization dawned on her. She was tied and hanging from an iron rod set up on the ceiling. What the hell was happening?

She was finally awake, he thought with a smirk. Time for the fun to begin. He loved watching them struggle, he loved seeing the fear in their eyes.

“And sleeping beauty awakens” He said softly, watching her intently.

“Please let me go…I’ll do anything you want” she pleaded, her green eyes wide with fear.

“You are so much like her” he whispered, staring at her “ much” he added, walking towards the lever.

She felt herself descend slowly and her desperation grew. She sobbed and pleaded, her heart beating fast. Laura looked down to find a huge metal tub filled with liquid, her blood curling screams increased bouncing off the walls of the lab... sending excitement into his veins. Her legs went in first and she screamed so loud he thought her throat would explode.

He watched her get closer to the tub, his heart beating madly with excitement. Overwhelming anticipation. He wondered what the tub full of industrial bleach would do to her red hair. Would it wash away the colour? He rubbed his hand in glee and let her terrified screams run over his skin.

Her midsection went in next, her breast followed and her screams died as her head went in. Her hair swirled on the surface of the liquid substance, the make-up he had so painstakingly applied remain stuck to her face.

He studied her hair to see the result of his experiment. It was still red.


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