I have been through much worse and I am STILL STANDING. Ask about me. #nuffsaid. Stella Damascus replies haters on IG


Stella Damasus is pretty tired of haters who she claims don’t want to see her happy.

The 38 year old actress, yesterday, took to Instagram to celebrate her step-son, David Ademinokan’s birthday..

She wrote:

“Happy birthday boo. Too much love from us” she captioned the photo with several kiss emojis.

See photo:

Happy Birthday boo. Too much love from all of us. #[email protected] with @instarepost_app — So hard to believe that you’re 9 years old already. Wow! Happy Birthday to you David. Daily, I feel very honored and privileged to call myself your father. You’re the kindest and most gentle soul on earth. I love you always David and may your days on earth be long and prosperous. Today, I use Luke 2:52 as a prayer over you. More Grace, More Wisdom and Divine Favor over your life. I LOVE YOU DAVID. Have a Happy Birthday. #DavidAdeminokan #DanielAdeminokan #DaBishopChronicles#HappyBirthday #DeltaPikin #GodPikin #DavidIs9 #YoungAndFree#MySonIsTheCoolest #MySonTotallyRocks #ProudDad #MySonIsMyWorld#Atlanta


Unfortunately, the birthday post didn’t sit quite well with fans:

Here’s why:

For years now, Stella Damasus has been mercilessly dragged and labelled a ‘husband snatcher’ by angry fans after she got married to movie producer, Daniel Ademinokan.

Daniel was formerly married to actress Doris Simeon, David’s mother, and not too long after their marriage crashed, it was revealed that the movie producer was dating Stella. Damasus and Ademinokan later relocated to America (to start afresh?) and secretly got married. This will be Stella’s third marriage.

Following the now-deleted negative comments about her birthday wish to Doris’ son, Stella took to her instagram to bare her mind:

With all the things that are happening in the world, with all the recession people are complaining about, with all the people who are dying everyday, with all the injustice in the world, this right here is what some people have decided to dwell on.

Funny how the same issue has given some people high blood pressure for the past 4 years. Funny how the same people cannot realize that regardless of what they say behind their phones, nothing has changed. In fact it’s getting better and stronger. Funny how wishing an amazing young man happy birthday just to celebrate him will cause people to bring out the ugliness in their hearts and their hatred for humanity.

So sad that this wonderful young man will look at comments under his birthday picture and instead of the smiles that should appear on his face, he is extremely saddened at the fact that adults can be so terrible.

So sad that the things he is taught never to do to others by adults are being done by adults. So sad that people cannot hold off their evil thoughts and words just for one day to celebrate the same person they claim to be looking out for.

Everyone has their own life to live. Do you and let me do me and allow God who knows what man can never know, be the judge. Words from internet trolls and bullies can NEVER bring me or my family down. I have been through much worse and I am STILL STANDING. Ask about me. #nuffsaid

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