Nigerians & Other Africans Come For Facebook Female Russian Admin Who Sent Them Packing With Insults


Nigerians and other Africans did not have it easy with a Facebook female group admin from Russia after she gave them the insults of their lives just to convey a simple message.

Singles To Date is a Facebook group where single people who are looking for love mingle, and its a general group for all races, continents and class.

The lady in question, Katie Gagliano wrote:

"ATTENTION AFRICAN GARBAGE NEW TO THE GROUP.. As we usher more than 1,000 people into here per day, it's important for you animals to pay homage to your white acceptors. Heed
the rules and try not to be too stupid. I understand you're all of sub average intelligence.. but read carefully: WE DO NOT LIKE YOU, AND COULDN'T CARE LESS IF YOU WERE HERE OR NOT.. the sight of you SICKENS US.
It's just simply easier to admit you and ridicule you once you're here. Try not to infect any white members while you're ruining the group with your existence.
 Some of the third world shitholes I'm referring but not limited to are: Nigeria, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Dominican Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Uganda, Sudan, Ghana, Morocco, and Botswana.. *** Edit - I've also added Jamaica to this list.. I don't like anyone from that dump either.

Nigerians and other people did not take this lightly, as they came for her:

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