“You May Never Reach The Heights Of Fela With Your Inconsistency And Cowardice” – Nigerian Facebook User Writes Open Letter To 2Baba.


A lot of disappointing and hate notes have been directed to the music mogul ever since he “bailed” on the national protest which he pioneered some weeks back.

There have been mixed reactions over his action as many are speculating the cost he could have paid had he continued with the protest, while others are calling him two faced and inconsistent, like this Facebook user who Wrote an open letter to him few hours ago.

Engr Olu Osibanjo says the music mogul may never reach the heights of Abami Eda with his inconsistency and cowardice. He wrote:

In the wake of your cancellation of the much awaited March protest, I was as shocked as every other disappointed Nigerian. The question I still ask myself is “must you be two-faced simply because your nickname says it”? You have once again proven to Nigerians that a music legend is not necessarily a National hero. You may never reach the heights of Fela and the likes with your inconsistency and cowardice. What make a hero are fearlessness, tenacity, integrity, patriotism and unwavering love for the masses. You promised so much but offered nothing. It is disheartening that you did not just give us false expectations but you also successfully deleted your names from the list of the men of integrity. We thought we had a man of the masses few days ago. Your act is a national disgrace. Nigerians eagerly await another Messiah who would not be subjected to intimidations and threats. Nigeria needs a youth like you to give hope to the next generation. Nigeria Shall Rise Again. LONG LIVE NIGERIA.
Engr Olu Osibanjo

Olu Osibanjo

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