SheelsUrbane [Official Press Release]


SheelsUrbane,  The Brain Behind and The Brand [Official Press Release]

About the Brain behind the Brand [Aina Fayosola]

Aina Fayosola, 23 year old graudate of Redeemers University, Fashion Stylist, Wardrobe Consultant and Personal Shopper has niched a spot for himself in an industry of fast rising Entrepreneurs. He created the brand 'Sheels clothings' as an undergraduate in the university and worked around maintaining this brand among the students. With this self discovered passion, Aina made his way through the university as a renowned stylist and didn't stop the ball rolling even after he graduated.
He changed the brand's name to 'Sheels Urbane' after graduating from the university and has since stood out in the industry.
He continues to make a name for himself as he launches into expanding his horizons and making his brand broad and widely recognized
This young man is one, we should all look out for and learn a thing or two from.
The brand [Sheels Urbane]
Sheels Urbane, one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the country has made a name for itself over there the years through its persistence in the fashion industry and its ability to stand out and be differentiated from other brands.
Formally known as Sheels Clothing, Sheels Urbane has made a way for itself and other upcoming brands with its attitude to styling and making people look good.
Having worked hand in hand as a fashion stylist with Oyeka Udoka, La Mode Green October Fashion show, TAC clothings, JK Kouture,  Delta Fashion and Awards Show, Micserah Online, Kefytee, AOV, Smile Photography and many others, Sheels Urbane is ready to take on the wheel of full time styling, also in the art of selling accessories, styling people for events and photoshoots, the brand is out to increase the confidence of every customer

What The Brand Sheels Urbane is into:

Fashion Styling
A fashion stylist is paid to create or compose a visual image through the use of clothes and accessories. As a Fashion Stylist, we dress Models and film stars, manage photo shoots, and create outfits for music videos even at the disposition to less fabrics.  Our major industries as Fashion Stylist are TV, magazines, music and film, but we can also work anywhere that someone will pay for fashion advice.
As wonderful as this all sounds, it isn't entirely glamorous. Working long days, waking up early to pack your car with racks full of clothing and accessories showing up on location hours before your client, who will inevitably have their own fashion opinions which you must talk down or incorporate. It is a very competitive industry which we have all it takes to take the lead.

Personal shopping/Wardrobe Consulting Services
We assist our client as personal shoppers to obtain purchases of goods based on desires and needs. We shop at reputable stores and ensure you get discounts if available be it clothes, groceries or anything! With our high level of professionalism in fashion shopping your wardrobe comes easy to us.

Creative Direction
With our great knowledge of Creative Direction we are capable of championing the intersection where art direction & design meet strategy. The primary concern of good creative direction is making sure the art direction & design approaches always support the client’s bottom line. If any of those pieces fall short—even if the others are brilliant—that’s poor creative direction. You can have a brilliant strategy and art direction, but if it’s not appropriately designed, that’s poor creative direction. You can have appropriate art direction and gorgeous design, but if the strategy’s not sound, that’s poor creative direction. As creative directors we are capable of handling your fashion shoots, video shoots, and your  other events that needs art directions.
We are open to work with you as our future clients. Contact us via; 

Phone Number: 07039880979

IG: @sheelsurbane


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