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Over the years their have been rapid changes, new innovations and a shift in the standards of website design/development, content creation and blogging in general. These changes are mostly triggered by the introduction of new devices and technology.

This also as had a direct effect on the way blogs/websites can be monetized (generating money from ones blog/website).

If you have bloggers as friends, you must have probably listened to them having conversations that had to do with monetizing of their blogs, blog ads, Google ads, how much money they made from their blogs, CPC (cost per click) etc. 

This conversation will most times leave you confused and with a lot of unanswered questions. Well if you also own a blog and will like to make money from blogging.

Congratulations my friend you just hit the jackpot today. So stick with me and learn the secrets and steps to making money from your blog.

*Build value for you blog. 
It's a bit tricky when trying to measure the value of one’s blog, as there is no standard method to do so. As a result determining ones blog's value becomes a thing of intuition and comparison.

But here are the parameters/guidelines I use to determine a blog's value.

How much traffic does the blog generate daily, monthly, yearly?

How up to date is the blog's content and design?

How original are the contents on the blog?

What is the quality of contents on the blog? (How useful is the information in the content of the blog?)

How well does the blog appear/rank on search engines?

Once you ask yourself and answer these questions genuinely. Something instinctively tells you how valuable your blog is.

You can now go on to further analyze your blog in details so you can determine the areas to put in more work.

Remember this: "Money flows in the direction of value"

*Get traffic 
Yes it's really all about traffic. Traffic in its real definition is the number of visitors that visit your blog/website at a particular period of time.

A blog with high traffic means a blog with a lot of visitors daily, monthly or yearly it depends.

This means your articles and other contents are seen/read by a large number of people and this includes Ads (adverts and other material) placed on the blog.

This is what attracts investors and advertisers and even search engines to your site.

The more "Traffic" you have the more attractive your site is to individual who want to advertise their services or product to a large number of people. And yes they will sometimes pay you head spinning, mouth watering, jaw breaking sum of money to get their banners on your blog or website depending on how much traffic you have.

"When it comes to matters of your blog’s traffic, don't fake it, instead take time to grow it. After all counterfeiting money is still a crime."

Depending on the size of your budget invest at least a little in online and social media ads e.g. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads etc. to expose your blog to potential readers, investors and business opportunities.

You should also try to get features and advertise on very popular blogs. I promise this is a good investment of your resources, time and money as it will translate into massive traffic for your blog.

*Send out business proposals 
Send impressive business proposals to brands that have high chances of being interested in advertising on your blog/website. Don't forget to attach your site traffic statistics and other useful but not sensitive information to the proposal.

*Apply for online electronic ads e.g Google ads.

Once the ads go up on your blog. you will be paid an avreed sum of money for every time someone sees them. Sounds lile the easiest wah to making money in thw world.

*Develop a well detailed and attractive advertisement pricing plan. It's as simple as it sounds.

Blogging takes time and dedication guys and there are no shortcuts. Not if you want to build something that will stand the test of time.

As crazy as the journey to becoming a pro blogger might seem. You are definitely going to learn a lot of new stuff, meet the most amazing people, and yes there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.

To my loyal readers, if there is anything I forgot to include in this article please let me know.

If you have some original ideas of yours that can help bloggers make money please do share with me or you could just leave a comment below.

"Sharing is caring"

If I made a mistake or gave an outdated information *please! please! please!* let me know. You can send me an email ([email protected]) or just comment below.

"A good teacher must be willing to be thought"

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