“Almighty” Prophet Narrowly Escapes Being Lynched Over False Prophecy. (Photos)


Mr Severino Lukoya

A self-proclaimed prophet who says he is also the ‘untouchable almighty god,’ miraculously escaped lynching in Uganda, for allegedly spreading falsehood and brainwashing locals.

According to Uganda Monitor, Mr Severino Lukoya, leader of the New Jerusalem Tabernacle Church, had travelled with his disciples to Kalongo for door-to-door prayer sessions, claiming he was sent by God Himself to deliver a special message and also cleanse the area of evil spirits.

Mr Lukoya had told Sunday Monitor in an interview that God had called him out to walk on foot and do a door-to-door preaching until he covers the entire country.

Unknown to the ‘prophet’, who is known to preach in a mixture of Acholi traditional religion, Islam and Christianity, the locals at Kalongo had had enough of him.

It’s reported that before Mr Lukoya could embark on ‘redeeming’ prayer sessions, hundreds of angry residents descended on him without mercy:

He is not true prophet. He preaches falsehood and false prophesies to us and we are tired of him,” the angry locals murmured as they gathered, ready to unleash terror and fire on the man of God.

Mr Severino Lukoya1

Fortunately, Agago District police quickly came to the rescue of the prophet, whisking him away to safety in the immediate neighbourhood, several kilometres away.

Mr Albert Onyango, the Agago District police commander said:

“Residents hate him because of the past rebellion his daughter led. They also believe Lukoya is a cult leader whose presence brings bad omen. I think it is time Lukoya realised that he is not wanted in the district.
This is the fourth time in less than two years that people are attempting to kill him,” Mr Onyango said.

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