The 3 Most Important Things Men Think About


This post is just to tell the ladies or let me just say to confirm to the ladies what they "already know". Men unlike women don't have many things to think about than making their live better and pleasurable, but those little things can cause more harm than good. Here are 3 important things men thinks about: 

 Money is not just the root of evils but also the pillar of all goods. Every man want to be financially independent especially among their peers. Every man want to be caring to their women as money takes important part when it comes to being caring to one's woman as money makes a woman more happier and maybe more loyal(though the belief of some men) They want to give their children quality education and to make them look good among their peers. Every good man thinks about how to be able to give when financial needs arise both in his family along with his siblings and that of the family of his woman. The thought of this(money) alone can kill a man or make any man settle for evil to make the money when it is not coming through doing good, but it must not just be a justification for evil deeds.

 Well, some men will say women don't deserve to be allowed too much in the mind as their other name is betrayal. I don't share this same thought though, as i have seen many good women who deserves to be cherished. A good man thinks about his woman, how she will be ahead of her peers, that when they don't see her they cannot make decision. Many other men thinks about how to spend pleasurable moment with other women as the one at home has passed her prime. The not-married-men also want to taste many ladies for the fun of it and to show superiority among their peers. Even as many men proclaim that money takes superior part of their thought, when they don't have money they still think about women, when they now have the woman they start thinking about money.

 3. SPORT 
 The popular sport is football which men made popular through their followership, what makes it different from the rest of the sports is still vague to me. Football makes many men forget their sorrows, lack and wants. When the game is about to start the woman must be careful as it can cause unending battle if she trespasses especially when the team the man is supporting is at the verge of losing or lost, it will be a huge commotion if he is into betting and that match will make him lose lots of money. Little wonder many women support the team their man supports so that they feel the same way whatever the outcome of the game is. Just like the way a man feels at the beginning of a relationship so also is the way they feel and think when they are anticipating the beginning of any match of their team especially when it is against a tough opponent.

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