SMH! Comedy Crew Arrested By Policemen For Making Fun Of Members Of Lord's Chosen Church


Members of a comedy crew named 'Naijas Craziest' were arrested by Police in Lagos on Tuesday, because of a satire video they did criticizing members of the Lords Chosen Charistmatic Revival Church located at Ijesha in Lagos.  In the video, the comedians can be seen criticizing the Church members for rolling in mud on a public road, with a supposed 'Spiritual Bullet Proof' apron allegedly sold to them for 1,000 naira per piece.
They also took at a swipe at the General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, saying he is selling the apron to his 200,000 members all over Nigeria and sending them out, while he's "chilling in his air-conditioned office."
Now the video which was uploaded via youtube on December 5th, 2016, has over 20,000 views. It has now gained the attention of the Church authorities, who filed a report with the police.
According to a source:
"The state CID Panti arrested the crew on Tuesday 10 of January, 2017. This was as a result of a report filed by Lord's Chosen Church over a comedy satire video (which has a DISCLAIMER at the beginning), criticizing its members. John Joshua aka MC Toothpick was arrested on the set of African Magic TV series, Hustle. He was lied to about a meetup for a TV show and Policemen wearing plain clothes picked him up on arrival. They told him that the deputy commissioner of police wanted to have a chat with him. When he got to State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, they played the video in question for him, and said it was a crime, that he and his crew broke the law. (The law broken was however not mentioned). John Joshua was reportedly ordered to write a statement under duress and informed that he won't be released until he provided details of the whereabouts of the other comedians in the video. He was also not allowed to call for help but only pick incoming calls.
With no other option available, he called his colleagues, Mayor Okiemute Uguseba aka Laff Mayor, Kingsley Chibisi aka MC tutalk and Kelvin aka De Governor. He lied to them that he had a show in Yaba and needed to meet a client. While Laff Mayor could not make it, Kingsley and Kelvin went, were arrested and their phones seized. They were released after paying a total of 8,000 naira and told to report to the station today, Wednesday 11th of January 2017"
We reached out to Mayor Okiemute aka Laff Mayor, who couldn't make it on that day, and he confirmed the incident. He however mentioned that the Police are requesting for his presence and that of another comedian, who made a guest appearance on that video. Mayor however made it clear that he will only be reporting to the station after his lawyer, Barr Sadiq Olanshile. Lateef, arrives in Lagos tomorrow. 

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