Randy Andy episode 9


I felt sick and weak. I threw my fist towards the mirror and watched it shatter. Blood was on the white tiles and on my hand.
“Have you been drinking?” He asked.
“No.” I replied arrogantly.
“Talk to me!” He commanded.
“I’m okay!” I shouted back.
“Andy Chukwuma!” He called.
“Dad, I’m fine.” I assured rubbing my fist painfully.
He looked at me seriously and held my shoulder.
“Things haven’t been the best for me. Son, don’t make it worse. My friend lost his first child and his ex wife is giving him a hard time. And I have to be there for him at this moment and now you’re getting paranoid. This is getting to me, son. Why would you break your mirror with your fist? Cry in your sleep? Shout at the top of your voice? “ He pestered.
I realized I was really going insane. I had been having dreams about Temi. Bode and Nicole had stopped talking to me. I was getting depressed by the day. I buried my head in my hands and cried silently.
“Everything will be fine. Talk to me Andy. “ He pleaded.
“I’m a murderer, I killed Temi. It was me, dad.“ I wanted to scream. I simply shook my head and walked to my room.
* * *
Aishat sat by my side and was peeling the oranges. She had started talking to me again, but this time, there was no intimacy. She dropped the knife and looked at me closely.
“You’ve lost so much weight. Your chubby face is almost gone. As long as I’m still here, I’ll over feed you.” She assured with a grin.
I gave her a light push. Aishat was a really nice girl. I decided to forget about Bode and her escapade. She was simply human. I also didn’t want to have any intimacy with her anymore. She was going for Jamb lessons and getting prepared for the exam. I gave her some tutorials when necessary. She made me forget about Temi for a while. She was an angel in disguise, I thought.
It was exactly a month after Temi’s death and things were getting normal again. Her father was still mourning but he had continued his business. I was glad I had gotten my senses back. I was also doing well in the university and planning for my final examination. One night, I was asleep in my room when there was a light knock. I opened my eyes sleepily and walked to the door. Aishat quickly entered and locked the door behind her. She was in her night gown and I knew she wanted something.
“Aishat.” I called silently.
She placed her finger on my lips and later kissed it slowly.
“Aishat, no. This shouldn’t happen anymore remember? “ I informed.
She pretended to be deaf and rubbed my head gently. She rapidly placed my hands on her breasts. I sincerely did not want to do anything, but I also didn’t want to turn down the offer. I carried her to my bed quickly and removed her garment. She laid on my bed naked and the light from the window reflected on her. Aishat was quite chubby and she was also beautiful. I kissed her lips with my eyes shut and placed my arms around her.
I played with her nipples and bit it tenderly. She swiftly changed position and lay on top me. She began to stroke my penis. In no time, it was already in her mouth and offering a mouth action. I closed my eyes tightly, I didn’t know why I kept on doing that. I traced my hands to her groin and felt the wetness. She moaned softly. My index finger was rubbing her clits slowly, I lay her flat on the bed and put my head in between her legs. My tongue moved up and down to a fast rhythm and she held tightly to my bed. I grabbed her waist for support and kept on licking her. I paused and moved to my locker for a condom. I couldn’t take the risk anymore. I wore it quickly and began to go in with a slow pace. The pace got faster every second with her legs around my head. She was moaning with pleasure and I quickly placed my hand over her mouth. Her moans were getting louder. I pulled out and decided to change the condom. She wore her gown quietly, came down from my bed and said “Goodnight.” The condom was still in my hands. I nodded as she left my room. Typical Aishat.
* * * *
It was raining heavily and I was without an umbrella. I was getting beat by the heavy rain and was moving quickly for a shield. I ran into an empty shop and sat down on a stool. There was thunder and lightening. My clothes were drenched. A lady sat by my side. I was surprised I never noticed her.
“Very heavy rain.” I whispered.
“Not as heavy as my bleeding.” She responded.
I was confused. “Good evening.” I greeted politely.
“I’m waiting for my child.” She said with a weak voice. Her back was turned to me.
“I just have to get home soon.” I informed with a smile.
The rain ceased and a child’s cry was heard. It became louder and louder and the lady began to sob. I placed my hands on her cold shoulder. I was confused totally. A child ran from nowhere and she carried him gently. I couldn’t see their faces. I stood up to leave.
“Going already?” She asked.
I nodded in confusion. I started walking quickly to my destination when she screamed after me, “I wanted the baby!” . She turned to my direction and I saw her half decayed face with blood all over her dress. The child was a skeleton. Blood was all over them. She smiled and the rain appeared again. This time, it was heavier.

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