Randy Andy episode 8


His voice was sad, weak and shaky. I felt really terrible as he discussed.
“She will be buried tomorrow. This is my worst time ever. I had so much plans for her. What a promising child. She kept on complaining about menstrual cramp. I didn’t know she had had an abortion. “ He cried. “I wouldn’t care if she had the baby. I’d take care of the child. I don’t really mind, I’m capable and I do not need the assistance of the stupid father. I want to include the police to find out who the boy is.” He informed.
“And what difference does it make? “ My father asked.
“At least, I would know the bastard and deal with him thoroughly. My ex wife has been in shock. I do not know what to expect anymore. I can’t sleep or eat or work. Her brother has been crying and asking of her too. “ He explained in tears.
My father consoled him. It was a sad scene. I walked quietly past when he called me.
“Andy... I know you might not have really been close with my daughter but do you know her personal life? Do you have an idea of who impregnated her?” He asked seriously.
I froze and lost my voice. I coughed gently and turned to them.
“I didn’t know her that well sir. I’m sorry. I wish I could help give information. Temi was a really talented girl.” I found myself lying.
The hefty man continued sobbing. I shook my head and walked to the kitchen. Aishat was sweeping. She immediately jumped.
“Temi is dead?” She requested.
“Yes, yesterday morning.” I answered sternly.
“What a beautiful young girl. When are they burying her? How did she die?” She asked again.
“Her father is in the sitting room.” I replied and walked away.
I stared hard into the empty space. I felt nauseated. Nicole’s call came in.
“Nicole.” I said silently.
“I heard. How did it happen?” She requested.
“She bled and died. It’s the abortion. “ I answered.
“What if it actually wasn’t? What if she decided to abort and not knowing she was already drugged. I don’t think she died from the drugs. Bode is sure.” She explained.
“We killed her.” I admitted.
“Stop that! We didn’t.” She argued.
“She’s to be buried tomorrow. I can’t go.” I admitted.

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