Randy Andy ( episode 7)


Episode 7

I washed my face countless times and looked at the mirror every second. I thought I was losing my mind, I actually was. Temi couldn’t be dead. It was just a harmless drug and nothing more. Something else must have killed her. I needed to get the full story. I browsed through my inbox and deleted all her messages. I needed no implications.
“Bode! Can I come over. I’m going crazy. I’m shaking here.” I explained.
“Okay, I’m even home alone. Please bring your game pad. “ He begged.
I ended the call and bolted out of the house. I took a bike to his building. It was a very big and Porsche house. Bode was playing basketball with his brothers and cousins. He had a big family. I found myself sweating.
Bode lied on his bed silently with his hands behind his head.
“Tell me.” He urged.
“Bode! I’m finished. She lost the baby.” I told in a shaky voice.
“Isn’t that the plan?” He asked.
Bode stood up and removed his shirt revealing his healthy and muscular body. I sometimes envied Bode. His wealth, influence, body and intelligence oppressed me. We had been friends for years and he was always luckier. I had good looks too but couldn’t be compared to Bode. He got away with so many things. There I was, stuck in a murder case.
“How many girls have you done this for? “I asked.
“Maybe five. And some were intentional. Talk to me Andy.” He pressured. I looked at him intensely.
“Temi is dead.” I broke the silence.
He jolted from the bed. His hands were running through his full hair.
“When?” He questioned.
“Today I think. I’m so disturbed.” I admitted.
“Does any other person know?” He asked soberly.
“Just the three of us.” I replied in fear.
“ Be calm. Stay wise. Shit happens.” He advised.
“Bode is that all you have to say!” I exclaimed.
“What do you expect me to do? Raise the dead? Guy better be smart and stop being fussy. Don’t kill yourself. She was just unlucky. The drug is very safe. I know it like the back of my hands.” He boasted.
I felt like crying. I already was crying.
“If it was so safe, how did she die?” I demanded.
“Well, not everything is for everybody. My condolence.” He finally said and walked out.
I thought I was in a trance. Bode just took the matter lightly and that was surprising. Temitope had died from his drugs. I felt like strangling Bode. He entered the room again and looked tensed.
“Hope nobody else knows?” He asked again.
I shook my head gently and shut my eyes. I believed no one else knew. I wished I didn’t.

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