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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Randy Andy (episode 6)

Episode 6
Nine minutes of pleasure
Led to the loss of a treasure
Her moans were transformed
Into gasps of breath
Her tongue which circled my mouth
Were forever shut within
Her eyes which pierced mine
Were closed tightly
How I caressed her
Was how he embalmed her
Her warm lips
Became cold and pale
Nine minutes of pleasure
Made me lose a wonderful creature.

I opened the lid of the milk tin quietly. I was feeling like a zombie. The night before, I had had a terrible dream about Temitope. I didn’t eat the next morning and kept on looking at the text. I decided not to call her. She was going to be fine as Bode had assured, I believed. I finally had sandwich and sat with Zain my half sister. She was a frail looking girl and barely talked. My father had gotten married few years after my mum’s death. My stepmother was very nice to myself and my elder sister. Her daughter Zainab who I referred to as Zain, stayed with us. I offered the little girl my sandwich.
“Thank you. “She rejected politely.
I wasn’t bothered and ate silently. I dialled Nicole’s line.
“Hey Nic! Can you come over today? “ I requested. She also turned me down. I cut the call sadly. I needed company and Zain was the last person on my mind. I walked to the kitchen to drop the plate when I saw Aishat cooking.
“Hi Ayisa Aishat.” I greeted dryly. I was fed up with the silent treatment.
“Hi sir.” She replied formally.
I shook my head in pity and walked towards her. I placed my hand on her shoulder gently and she jumped in fear.
“Do I look like a murderer?” I asked in anger. I was irritated.
“I’m sorry.” She apologized.
I walked to my room in anger. I was getting paranoid. I decided to call a friend and Enoh came to my mind. The last time I had seen her was a year ago. Enoh was my crush in faculty and I couldn’t stop thinking ago our ordeal. She was exceptional and for a moment, I really wanted to date her. Enoh and I had unprotected sex and she was the first before Temitope. I dialled her number with the hopes of getting a visit.
“Hello Enoh, it’s Andy.” I greeted.
“Andy! Small but mighty!” She hailed.
“So babe it’s been long. Where are you right now? “ I requested.
“I’m at this hotel dear. Expecting one guy like that. How are you?” She asked.
My heart fell. The reason I never asked Enoh out was because she was a call girl. I realized weeks after our intimacy. Enoh was also too sophisticated. Her makeup could make heads spin, her clothes were too expensive. She was too sophisticated and I feared I couldn’t live up to her standard. She was not just into perfume sale but into sex trade. I was disappointed because she was just too beautiful. Some things couldn’t be explained. After a short chat, I ended the call and rested on my bed.
* * * *
My Dad sat down quietly and had a sober look on his face. I moved to where he sat and watched him. He finally looked up at me and I could see lines on his forehead.
What’s the matter?” I asked eagerly.
“Remember Temitope? You know her obviously. And Collins had lots of plan for that girl being his only daughter. He was going to surprise her by taking her to London for her masters after the university. I really have to visit him. He’s not in the best of mind.” My father explained.
I was lost. I didn’t understand what was happening.
“Is she alright? “ I asked in fear.
“I wish she was, son. I wonder how her mother will take the news. After the divorce and everything and finally having access to his daughter, this happened. Why do bad things happen to good people?” He asked with sadness in his voice.
I was visibly shaking. I didn’t know what to say. My palms were sweaty. My voice was caught in my throat.
“Temitope died this morning.” My father finally revealed.

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