Randy Andy (episode 5)


Enoh was drunk to the core. She danced around me crazily then sat on my legs. Enoh was the type of girl I knew I could never get but I was in love with her. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I had innocently invited her to a birthday party and she obliged. I didn’t expect her to be the crazy type. She drank like no girl I’ve ever met. I thought she was the mummy girl’s type. She began to whine slowly on my legs and I got stares from people. They were obviously envying me. Getting such a beautiful and well endowed girl to whine on your legs in a party was not too easy. I took advantage of that moment and grabbed her with smiles on my face.
“Let’s lodge in an hotel” She whispered on my ears.
I didn’t have enough money but I couldn’t miss that opportunity. We both lodged into a nearby hotel.
“Make love to me.” Enoh commanded.
I felt like my brain was formatted. Having Enoh alone in a room was never imagined by me. She came closer to me and placed her wet lips on mine. They were warm and soft. I grabbed her backside and reciprocated. Our lips were locked and my tongue was having an adventure in her mouth. I bit her soft lips lightly as we kissed and was intrigued by how good she was. We stood close to the bed. Her smell was flowery. Enoh was keen with perfumes and also sold them. I kissed her warm neck and unzipped her top. Her skin was glowing under the light. That was reality, Enoh was getting undressed by me, Andy Nwachukwu. She looked perfect, no scratch, no spot, nothing. Her bare bosom was right in my face. Her nipples were erect and her small breasts were round and firm. I buried my head in them and placed one in my open mouth. I rotated my tongue around her nipple and sucked on it with so much energy. Her flowery smell filled the room. I moved to the other breast and began to suck on it too. Her moan was soft and had a great effect on me.
I kissed her navel softly and my hands were still rubbing her breasts tenderly. I sniffed her and didn’t feel like stopping. How could someone smell this good? I thought. I pulled my shirt off and tried pulling her jeans. They were too tight. She pulled them off herself and went on her knees. My penis found its way in her warm mouth. She jerked on it and sucked it vigorously. I felt like I was in another world. I tried not to release too early. Her mouth was doing wonders when I decided to stop her. I placed her on the bed again and moved my head to her thighs. Her pant was on. I used my teeth to take them off. That was one of my many talents. I placed my mouth on her groin when a funny smell hit me. It wasn’t bad neither was it good. It was just funny. I shook my mind off the smell, I was going to have dinner tonight. I placed my wet tongue on her clits and licked it passionately. My middle finger was already inside her and my tongue was going up and down. She tasted good. I badly wanted to penetrate. I changed position and placed my penis inside. Her moan got louder. I started slow but got faster. She was very energetic. I was lost in the moment and released in her. That was the first time it ever happened. I thought I could try the withdrawal method. It went terrible.
* * *
Enoh never got pregnant and I wondered why Temitope did. I wondered why hers was different. Enoh and I became friends after and never mentioned our escapade. I stared at Temitope’s text blankly and didn’t know if I should call her. I thought I would be happy. I texted Nicole and Bode, informing them of the miscarriage. I forced myself to sleep that night and had a very horrific dream.
“ Randy Andy, and how many girls were they?” Temi asked with a smirk.
“You are the first.” I replied sharply.
She moved closer to me and I saw how dull her eyes were. Her body looked pale. Her lips were cracked and her hair was rough. She wore a brown dress which looked old and worn out. She sat on my legs and got up instantly. There was blood on my legs.
“I think I lost the baby.” She said shockingly. She looked at me closely and pouted. “Do you have a hand in this?” She asked.
Blood dripped from her legs and it started rushing like a tap. Blood was everywhere. Temitope began crying and so was the sound of a baby. Their cries were loud and deafening. I woke up from sleep quickly. I was in fear. I quickly turned on the light. I was afraid.

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