Randy Andy (episode 4) by Simisola Sowole


Episode 4
I kept saying short prayers during my sleep. I wondered if God will answer them because I knew it was not exactly the kind of prayer expected. I prayed for Temi to take her drink and have a miscarriage. I wanted everything to be over. The next morning, my dad and step mum left for work. I was home with Ayisa. Things were awkward between us. There was a knock on the door. I froze instantly and rehearsed how I was going to receive Temitope.
“Hey dear!” I greeted warmly. She hugged me and I could smell pineapple.
“Tell me you smell something nice! ”She urged.
“And I actually do.” I admitted.
“Got this lovely perfume in a store nearby. I am so tired. Carrying a baby is so fucking hard.” She emphasized.
I merely smiled. She sat down on the sofa and placed her legs on the centre table. Temitope sometimes lacked manners.
“I am very hungry. Can I get malt or something? “ She requested.
My face lit up. I walked quickly to the kitchen and took a bottle of malt from the fridge. The drugs were in my hand. My palms were already wet from anxiety. I placed them rapidly into the malt and watched them dissolve. God help me, I whispered. I walked to the sitting room and served her.
Temitope drank the malt quickly. She was really tired. I was rejoicing in my heart. It was finally over.
“Andy, can I confess? “ She asked.
My heart skipped a beat. Was this all a prank, had she played me all along? I thought. I looked at her intensely and nodded.
“I know after the sex, it was nothing to you. I know you saw it as just a fling but Andy, I feel a lot for you. And sometimes I want to tell you how much I admire you but I know you don’t feel the same for me. I know you’d think I’m trapping you with a child. Andy, no, I am not. I’m not asking for a relationship. I just want to let you know how I feel. I’m sorry things turned out this way.
“We have to think of what to tell our parents. They r good friends, especially my dad and yours. They will be mad at us but life goes on. I’m not being greedy. This child affects me too, my education, everything. I once committed abortion and I was told if I try it again, I’d die or lose my womb. It was bloody. Please try and understand me. “ She explained.
I felt terrible for my actions. I tried to understand her point but I wasn’t ready to be a father either. After Temi left, I called Bode.
“I feel this would turn out badly. She came over yesterday. I gave her the drugs. Bode, I’m Scared. What if...” I began.
“I thought you were hard core. Nothing can happen, she’d just bleed and that’s all. Stop getting scared can you?” He assured, but this time, he was more serious.
I decided to put my trust in him. I moved on like nothing happened. I decided to be more active and worry less. I also noticed Nicole and Bode’s closeness. I felt betrayed again. I liked Nicole and it hurt me to realize she was having regular sex with Bode.

* * * *
“I think I lost the baby.” Temi texted me. I felt like that was my most happy day. I didn’t know events would take an opposite direction. I didn’t know that was the last I’d hear from her. I didn’t know that was the beginning of my doom.

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