Randy Andy (Episode 3) by Simisola Sowole


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“Andy, I think I’m pregnant. “ Temitope said on the phone.
“No. You are Temitope.”I replied sarcastically.
“Andy! The drugs didn’t work. I’m fucking pregnant here! I do not know what to do at all.” She cried.
I froze that minute and my heart began to pound. Temitope mustn’t be joking with me, I thought. Nicole sat opposite me looking confused. “What’s wrong? “She mouthed.
“When did you notice this?” I asked soberly.
“Last week. I’m getting bigger. Missed my period, been weak, and stomach is bulging. We had sex about three months ago. Didn’t see my period since then. I’m so sure I’m pregnant. “ She informed.
I got defensive immediately. “You know what to do. It’s not my fault entirely. If you need money for the shit, I’ll send it to you. “I offered.
Nicole stood up and came closer to me. I ended the call abruptly and placed my hands on my head.
“I’m dead.” I said quietly.
“Seems you got yourself in trouble. “She observed.
“A girl just called saying she is pregnant. “ I informed.
Nicole covered her mouth in shock. I didn’t know what to do that moment. Aishat walked in with a tray of fruit juice. She dropped it on the table and walked away.
“She promised she wouldn’t get pregnant. She made me believe. Nicole I’m trying to set my life. I’m trying to get my project done in no time. It was just a fling. A freaking fling.” I explained shaking.
Nicole ran her fingers through her hair. I could tell she was worried herself. My phone rang again.
“Andy, I can’t abort. I’ve promised myself not to ever try it. It’s too risky. I almost died the first time. I’m sorry. I just have to have this child. Our parents will understand. We both need to see and discuss. This isn’t a phone matter. Don’t expect me to change my mind about aborting. “ Temitope said in a dry tone.
I got disturbed and couldn’t think straight. I decided to call Bode, my best friend. He sounded very casual on the phone.
“Don’t panic. This isn’t anything new dude. Just invite her for dinner or something. She dey do yanga for you, dey form boss. Talk to her sweetly. Give her like 60k and she will just flush it. Isn’t It girls? “ He assured.
“I think you should follow Bode’s Advice. Andy, you don’t need a child now. You’re still too young you know. “ Nicole advised. I totally agreed with her. Temitope was a real family friend. This was harder to do.
We sat opposite each other in the beautiful restaurant. “You look flawless. “I complimented. She smiled brightly.
“I’m so glad you are considerate enough. I understand you are still schooling and under your parents but I’m not asking for marriage. Just want us to be adults about this and have the baby. We will be good parents.” She emphasized.
I simply nodded and swallowed hard. I was almost choking. I began to notice her flaws. I noticed her large forehead, her rough face, her bushy brows and her dry lips. This was someone I died to be intimate with, someone I viewed as a beauty queen. Though, I loved her breasts more. They still looked attractive and indeed, they were bigger.
“I will like to offer you some amount of money to take care of yourself and things you need. Temi, I’m sincerely not ready for a child please.” I begged. She was infuriated.
“Andy, we are having this baby. I already told my boyfriend too. Tell your girlfriend you are expecting a child too. Good bye.” She said and walked away. I felt weak and sick. This was just a nightmare, I thought.
* * * *
“She’s being stubborn. I’ve experienced this before. Andy, be smart. I’ll get you some drugs. Invite her over again. Put it in her drink or something . She’d bleed after a while. That’s all. Trust me guy!” Bode assured again. Nicole sat quietly and watched us.
“ I don’t like the idea. Drugging her isn’t good. What if something goes wrong? Think of it.” She argued.
I was very confused and agitated. I wanted to go with Bode’s plan. He was more experienced. Bode and I had been friends for over 5years.
“So Andy, this is the Nicole. She’s pretty though. Babe, this is hundred percent safe. Don’t worry about any negative stuff. It’s nothing at all.” He explained to her holding her hands. I didn’t like the fact that Bode was a womanizer. Nicole took her hands off and hissed. She looked really stressed. I felt pity for her.
I prepared for the day Temi was coming over. I stayed calm and cool. I decided not to panic. The drug was in my room, nothing could go wrong. It was going to work and I was going to be free, I thought.

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