Randy Andy Episode 10


Chapter 10

I woke up drenched with sweat. My breathing was rapid and loud. I switched on the light quickly and began to sob. I thought it was all over. I wondered why it kept on hunting me every minute. The next morning, I decided to take a stroll around. I walked slowly towards the main road and was walking far from home. I just wanted to walk away, maybe walk away from my life, which was impossible. I finally stopped to catch my breath. I couldn’t believe where I had walked to. I looked around and saw fast moving vehicles then someone tapped me.
“Andy!” She shouted.
“Nicole?” I asked baffled.
“It’s been long! My God! What are you doing here?” She questioned.
Nicole had added weight in the past month and was looking better. She held my hand tightly and led me to a nicely built shop.
“This is my sister’s shop. Sometimes, I help her to sell. So what are you doing here? Did you walk? “ She asked puzzled.
“Apparently. “ I answered with a shy smile.
Nicole sprang up in amazement.
“You did what?” She shouted.
I held her down and positioned my finger to my lip to signal. She sat down gently and looked closely at me.
“You don’t look good.” She admitted.
“Do you care?” I demanded, avoiding her gaze. “You both never cared about me. Just how to save your selfish selves and leave me to the spotlight. How friendly!” I spat.
“It’s not how you see it. Bode and I decided to give you space. We knew the tragedy that occurred and decided it was best to just stay away for a while.” She whispered.
“And that was the time I needed you most. I’m going insane, Nicole. I have dreams and I am depressed.” I confessed sadly.
Nicole hugged me passionately and I could tell she was sorry.
“I’ll always be there for you. If we knew she was going to die, we wouldn’t have gone ahead. Stop feeling guilty. Everything will be alright. We are not murderers” She explained.
I got home hours later and realized my father had gone to work and so had my step mother.
“Andy! I thought you were in your room asleep.”Aishat said in shock.
I simply smiled and sat on the couch. Everything was going to be fine, I believed. Aishat served me lunch and I ate to satisfaction.
“Andy, I have a pressing need and I believe you would help me.” She began. She looked at me intensely.
I shifted uncomfortably. “Which is?” I asked.
“I spent my money for my JAMB and WAEC examination. My brother needed the money urgently. Please help me, I beg.” She pleaded.
I looked at her in surprise. Did she expect me to just give away that amount? I thought.
“I’m currently working on my project you know. The money I have is for that.” I said.
Aishat’s expression became sad and her eyes became wet. “Please.” She begged.
“I’ll see what I can do before next week.” I finally said. I couldn’t let her miss her exams. I was going to help find the money.
* * * *
I looked up at the ceiling as I chewed on my pen. I was lost in thought and decided to go on Facebook. I found a message from a beautiful girl. I couldn’t Ignore her message. She had sent me her number to call her. I was very happy I had found a beautiful girl willing to let me know her.
“Hello.” I said on the line after dialling her number for minutes.
“Who’s this?” A tiny voice answered.
“This is Andy Nwachukwu, from Facebook.” I introduced.
“Oh! Hi Andy. I’m so sorry. My silly brother logged into my account and started sending my number to random people. I couldn’t start sending message to every single one of them.” She apologized.
“Oh! It’s alright. Sorry for calling.” I said disappointedly.
“No. It’s cool. We can be friends. It’s alright.” She admitted.
“Thank you. So Mhiz Pweedy Tee is your real name?” I asked brightly.
“Hahahaha! No! Silly! My name is Temitope. You can call me Tee.” She introduced.
My heart froze. Temitope was haunting me. I became silent immediately.
“Did you kill any Temitope?” She said in laughter.
I ended the call abruptly and noticed I was shaking seriously.
“Temi! Please stop!” I shouted

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