The Way You Look At This Photo Just Might Prove That You Have A Very Dirty Mind!


This image you see in this photo is actually a bed and not whatever your dirty mind thought it was at first sight – the photo was sent upside down by accident and has titillated the minds of many internet users (including you!).

The picture had been sent to a male customer by the female boss of a bedding company to showcase her new products, claimed a Facebook user who uploaded the image on November 8.

The user, believed to be from Taiwan, claimed in his post that he had wanted to buy a new bedding set the day before.

The boss of the bedding company, who was female, took a picture of her products and sent it to him. The man said he became ‘nervous and sweaty’ after seeing the picture, which resembled the privates parts of a woman.

He said:

“She even asked me whether or not I was satisfied with the colour. Then I realised the female boss had sent me the picture upside down.”
The picture, while being viewed correctly, shows part of a bed and a decorative headboard.

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