“Jesus Look-Alike” finally speaks, sends message to Kenyans


Pictured above is Daniel Christos who many kenyans claimed was Jesus the Messiah.

On Wednesday, November 23rd.. Daniel was spotted in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) dressed in a long rob and walking barefooted through the streets. He was described as Jesus Christ look-alike.. He was of course overwhelmed by the attention he had attracted.

Daniel Christos, however raised concerns of a life-threatening remark in which an individual suggested he be beaten and crucified as the real Messiah.


He wrote:

“I arrived in Kenya less than 2 weeks ago from Ethiopia and have been welcomed with so much enthusiasm like I’ve never experienced before in my life .”

“Kenyan people in general have been very friendly and loving. Until I find this photo of me circulating online. I feel a little concerned by this person’s comments. I don’t know who wrote it and I don’t know if it was just a joke or if they were serious, but it has made me a little uncomfortable to walk in the streets of Nairobi”

“I AM NOT JESUS! I HAVE NEVER PRETENDED TO BE. I am a traveller who has come to your country as a visitor,”

“I would hope that one day if Jesus does return you treat him with a little more respect than you have treated me,”

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