Twitter NG reacts to chibok girls release


  1. WE are profoundly grateful to our FG , The International Committee of the Red Cross& the Swiss government for OUR 21 🙏
  2. Relieved with release of 21 We must continue to work together till we are able to unite all missing girls with their families
  3. It is 913 DAYS, that 218 ..... No. Scratch that. 197 of OUR have been held CAPTIVES of Terrorists. 21 are NOW BACK! Wow!!👸👸👸👸🙏💃
  4. For those wondering why it was only 21 realised, its an ongoing negotiations, if you are still not satisfied ask Shekau.
  5. Good to know we have some released. for d rest
  6. Praying that terrorists have not been released all in the name of freeing
  7. US Obama administration responds to a number of being released via .
  8. Date only one girl and save Ambitious Men don't cheat on their Women.
  9. Sr Admin Official: "We welcome the news that a number of the Chibok schoolgirls have been released to the Nigerian government"
  10. I just pray God heals the . Psychologically they would have been extremely traumatized
  11. Nigeria mustn’t give up till all ’re rescued – Gordon Brown
  12. Much as I'm happy for d released & their families,it's disgusting to see how evil deed is gaining recognition frm world powers!
  13. Just to confirm, were the 'released' or 'rescued'? If they were released, may we know what deal was brokered?
  14. The wailers & GEJ fanatics call it a scam, because they're ashamed it happened under their hero!
  15. If u hear any1 say is a scam.Don't argue with dem.Feel sorry for dem cos they clearly need deliverance from witchcraft
  16. Days Became Weeks Weeks Became Months Months Became One Year+ 913 Days in Captivity But Hope remained Unfailing Welcome Home 21
  17. #21 release is impeccable news, we must not relent though, 21 is not enough, we must recover all the Girls 👏🏿🇳🇬👏🏿🇳🇬👏🏿🇳🇬👏🏿🇳🇬
  18. I still believe all will be rescued safely God bless Nigeria God bless Buhari God bless Nig Armed Forces God bless Everyone
  19. Thanks for your undying zeal towards the return of the . 910days+ and you still haven't given up?U deserve an award!
  20. With tears of UNSPEAKABLE JOY at the release of 21 of OUR , WE cry out and use them as a Point -Of-Contact for the rest 197🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  21. I thank God for his mercy. 21 are free. I thank , the Nigerian Armed Forces, Government & International Partners.
  22. 2/2 We cannot provide any further comment at this stage in the best interest of the girls concerned
  23. 1/2 Today we transferred 21 of the and handed them to the government authorities, acting as a neutral intermediary.
  24. Amazing how you people would rather behave like and be called brainless ogres than let go of your stupid propaganda
  25. Much respect to the Nigerian army fighting boko haram and giving their all. Thank you for the rescue..

  26. On Of Their Abduction 21 Have Been Returned-But Only Because Did Not Give Up.*197 More Girls To Go

  27. If you've ever prayed for the to be rescued, God answered. All we need is more patience to see Him return them home!
  28. Lost for words. It is happening. My prayers are with the , community and every victim of Boko Haram. 🙏

  29. We await numbered tweets demanding why everyone was not informed when the negotiations for the 21 was taking place.
  30. Praising the Lord oh my soul...Good news! Well done , and co, on 21
  31. Well done to all who continued to advocate for the release of the , this gives great hope that we can have the rest back
  32. We hope avoids previous mistakes & involves the family with a clear rehabilitation plan for our . !!
  33. As WE wait for FG and identification of OUR 21 , THANK YOU, LORD. THANK YOU, .Thank you.
  34. Happy for the families of the 21 who were released. Hope families of other 2,000 hostages will also know such peace
  35. Reports suggesting as many as 21 freed released from . Burning question is what the Nigeria govt is giving in return
  36. It's now 913 days. You can still take action to demand for the rescue of ...
  37. Breaking News: 21 released by Nigerian Terrorist Group Boko Haram to the Nigerian Government -...
  38. Boko Haram has purportedly released 21 . God is good.

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