#slimxclusive bLady opens fake account on Facebook to test if husband is faithful, gets a huge shocker


A Kenyan woman took to Facebook to expose her husband who she thought was faithful but was shocked when she learned that he can fall for just any hot lady like he did to her

What if your husband has never cheated and always has loved you since marriage?

Will you want to test his faithfulness? Will curiosity push you there?

Well, a Kenyan lady couldn’t hold back her disappointment after she opened a fake Facebook account to test her “faithful” husband.

The lady wanted to see if he could bow to another woman’s pressure if she flirted with him.

She posted the account on Facebook.

“I created this pseudo account on Facebook and send my hubby and send my husband a friend request,” said the woman in the post.

“The photos there are so tempting that he has started flirting with me. We chat when he’s not at home. Now i’m his babe, sunshine, honey pie. Imagine, he’s single since his “wife” went back to school and he can’t wait for her. He told me he must marry, booked me and asked me not to ask any questions about that.”
The woman claims that the husband, who is ready to marry her thinking it’s a new woman, has asked her to meet on a date.

She now plans to go and surprise him.

“It’s just simple, he needs me as his wife,” continued the emotional post.
“Now he has given me a date on Saturday at 2 pm. I have another line which we have been speaking through but I always fake my voice. He told me he’ll be going to Thika 2 pm on Saturday and I also told him I’m meeting a friend.

I have bought a very sexy dress and I’m waiting for him to come back. Leo ni operation nasa Mjinga.”

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