5 Common Battery Killing Mistakes You Make Everyday


I'm writing this post to tackle the mistakes we make while using our Smartphones daily. The features of our Smartphones wouldn't let us leave it for an hour without trying to delve into something fun or conventional. The batteries in our cell phones are the highest specs we wish and hope for - The bigger the milliamp hours, the bigger the lasting power. When it comes to lasting batteries, we always and will always want to lay our hands on such devices. Devices like the Tecno L8 and L6 comes with monster battery capacity: but if your Smartphone comes with an average battery capacity, there are still ways to improve its capacity. 1. Turning On Wi-Fi Hotspot When browsing the web, most of us intentionally or unintentionally switch on our Wi-Fi hotspot without spotting the battery logging. It's a great battery drainer especially if there's no device (s) connected to it. And also turn off your WiFi network !!! only turn it on when there's a WiFi network available in your area. 2. GPS Switching off your device location on your device would greatly reserve your battery's life. Most apps requires GPS location to be turned on for application access, try restricting them once in a while to save your battery and also extend its life cycle. 3. Screen Brightness Apart from draining your vision (eyes) with excessive bright screen light. Increasing your phone's screen light to maximum can drastically reduce your battery's life. Try setting screen's brightness to auto or middle to save your eyes & vision. Also trying scheduling the screen timeout from 30 seconds to a minute to increase battery life and duration. 4. Charging Okay, most of us usually make this mistake when it comes to charging our devices. When using your device, do not let your battery's power drain constantly to 5 or 0 percent all the time. Sometimes full draining of the battery causes swelling and also reduces the battery life cycle - i bet you never knew! And always ensure 100% full charge of your battery before unplugging, leave your device 20 minutes after 100% charge. 5. Background Apps Activities The activities of our devices in background drains our battery faster than activities in foreground. How When you receive messages from WhatsApp while reading this article, it certainly means that WhatsApp is running on your device background while GKlited is on its foreground. Try to stop background processes. On Android, go to Developer options >> scroll to the bottom, under Apps >>> press Background process limit >>> set to any number of your choice. For Android devices from 4.4 KitKat , press build number for ten times to open developers option.

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