100 local chiefs lost to Boko Haram.


The Shehu Alhaji Elkanemi says it is a rigorous task to have the people live together with repentant Boko Haram insurgents of Borno  

Alhaji Umaru Ibn Garbai Elkanemi said he lost over 100 of his local chiefs to Boko Haram insurgents within the seven years of their insurgency.  

The Shehu of Borno also said that it will be a huge task for people to live together with the repentant Boko Haram insurgents after the atrocities they committed against the people of Borno.
The royal father stated this when the delegation of African Region Centre For Humanitarian Dialogue ( CMD), led by its director , Ms Meridith Preston Mcghie paid a visit to his palace.

"How can you unite with people that destroyed your homes, killed and displaced you? We have suffered a lot. I lost more than 100 local chiefs under my kingdoms. I was attacked by suicide bomber, thousands of women became widows and children orphans. I think, to unite people with repentant insurgents is a big task,” Shehu said.

"We need your assistance to reunite our people again, we as well know what you did in Kaduna and Plateau to solve inter- communal crisis. We will give you all the support to succeed,” 

"The delegation will ensure proper communication so that things do not go out of control, emotions don’t get so high, the centre will adopt different channels of dialogue which will be a gradual process and usually takes longer period of time before peace is achieved in a crisis environment,” 
the director, African Region Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, Ms. Meridith Preston McGhie said.

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