Meet the 27 year old man who has been looking for his mother since he was 5


A young South African man identified as Tebogo Pule has been searching endlessly for his mother who disappeared a long time ago.

Tebogo was only five years old when his mother left him standing on a rock near a stream.

“I remember exactly how my mother tricked me into standing on that rock while she walked away with my younger sister on her back.

“She told me she was going to buy snacks for me and I shouldn’t move or follow her,” said Tebogo.

According to Daily Sun SA, the 27-year-old said he believed his mum and stood on the rock until it was dark.

“I started crying and people asked me who I was. I explained to them and even told them that I promised my mother that I wouldn’t move.”

Tebogo told Daily Sun that community members called the police, who took him to a homeless shelter.

“I stayed at the shelter for five months and then I was adopted. My parents loved me and I was treated very well. But my adoptive mother died in 2000 and my father in 2007.”

He said that after his father’s death, he was thrown out by his dad’s sister.

“She chased me out of the house with only a few items of clothing,” he said.

Tebogo told Daily Sun his mother’s name is Reanette Pule and his sister is Keneilwe, who could be about 23 now.

“My mother never stayed in one place. We always moved from one place to another. We would rotate in Mabopane, Winterveld and Soshanguve,” he said.

“I really need my family. I am struggling and I can’t even sleep at night. I just need to know that my mother is alive and okay and I want to see my sister.”

Tebogo said that there is a lot he needs to share with his mother and hopes she will be able to accept him and reveal herself so that they can reunite.

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