Sad!!! 59 FUNAAB Students Arrested For Conducting A Peaceful Protest


59 funaab students were arrested by the Ogun state police command just because of a peaceful protest.. The students gathered to express their dissatisfaction to cases of intense robbery perpetrated within their campus for several months without any meaningful efforts from the police force to quell the robbery. The annoyance escalated when the robbers started to rape students in their hostels and matcheted many students who refused to surrender their phones or laptops. The once peaceful funaabites marched out in their numbers to express their displease on a federal road. They demanded to be addressed by the Commissioner of Police, who must sign an undertaken to build a police office closer to the school and provide SARS members at night . Instead of this, the new Ogun State CP sent his boys to dismantle the protest.
An unarmed 100l student was shot in the eye by a police officer. The boy fell immediately and went into coma.. Several tear gas and gunshots were fired sporadically by the police force in all directions. Where are we heading to in this country?? When unarmed students are been harmed by the police due to a peaceful protest. When did it become a crime, to gather and speak out for our rights? Is this the change we all voted for?? It is disheartening that after 50 years of post-colonial, our police is nothing than barbaric animals. Police that couldn't show up to apprehend robbers robbing students came out with reinforcement to shoot and beat students.. Well, few minutes later , students got angry and the animal in man awoke!!! They marched and went on #auto-destroy.. They destroyed the Vice chancellor church and burnt his bus. They marched fiercely at the police force!!! Do you blame or condemn them for destroying a church of God? What else do you expect them to do when the police force drew the 1st blood. By shooting an 100l student.
Reports later came in, that the CP of Ogun police command ordered the arrest of 150 students!!.
Ogun police officers marched to several hostels, breaking the doors of each rooms in an attempt to meet up with the CP's target.
59 students were arrested and most of them were ordinary onlookers that never took part in the violence or protest.
As at now , the students have been denied bail and they are been tortured illegally by the police!!!
To worsen the matter, the special adviser to Governor Amosun turned the story around.. They claimed it was students that harrased the police. The police and the state government under the leadership of Amosun went ahead to distort facts. They went ahead to punch newspapers to tilt the truth and accuse students wrongly.
It will shock you to know that while the police were arresting students in their rooms, it was reported that some police officers stole the phones of students!!!!
59 students are presently in jail, detained without concrete evidence..
This was the same way @Emmanuel Ojo was detained without concrete evidence..
Their parents are presently in tears.. Their parents never sent them to school to receive bullets wound from the police or to be beaten to stupor or rather to be jailed for as long as it pleases them..
#arrested students must be released!!!
The commissioner of police must be sacked!!!!
Pls rebroadcast as received till it reaches d right person...pray for FUNAAB!

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