Read The Inspiring Message Nigerian Social Media Policeman, Aliyu Giwa, Wrote About Policemen


Aliyu Giwa is one of the finest and most social policemen in the country – he caught our attention when he posted a note on his Instagram to his fiancee who he is going to officially marry come August 27th.

The social media policeman who has over 20,000 followers on his IG page, posted this inspiring message on the need to look out for policemen around us.

Read below:

“It’s kinda obvious I truly love my job, & u put me to the test all the time.
But even every now & then, i deserve a little rest. We put their lives on the line,to make life safer for u. Do we ever hear a *thanks*, maybe on an occasion or two.U do not know what we see, tust me u haven’t got a clue. U see it in the papers that’s for those who reads the dailies,or some times on the news. We live our lives day to day, and have to watch our backs. U don’t even try to help us, U let us slip into the cracks or traps. If we didn’t do our jobs, & keep you out of harms way. *Na curse we go dey get* besides this country would be a mess, & u’d really have to pray.
We are not the bad guys, we should be dressed in white (jacket & timberland). We are the ones u call, wen u get into a fight, I wish I could just watch who’s actually winning! LOL!
This is the job I chose & I took an oath for u. So every time I leave my home, abeg say a prayer or two, am Human u know. So when u see a police officer, they’re the one that’s dressed in blue & black. They may be trying to save ur life, or be there to comfort you.
Unfortunately there may come a day,when my life could end. Will u even miss me,or know I was someone’s friend or know if I ever wrote this on social media.
So the next time you see a Police Officer , tell them they are great, Because the next time u may see them, they could be standing at heavens gates.
#TBTwords #PoliceIsYourFriend”

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