Quality Foods That Boost The Brain And Make It Active


There are certain foods or things that one need to eat or do in other to boost your brain.check out this things and foods that boost the brain.

1.Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables contain essential minerals,vitamins and fibre that may help protect you from chronic diseases including stroke and perhaps other cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.

Regular exercise reduces the risk of many chronic disease.it also boosts self-esteem,mood,sleep quality.It reduces the risk of stress,depression,dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

3.Mental Workout
To keep your brain sharp,You have to challenge it regularly just like with muscles.

Healthy sleep pattern are crucial for cognitive performance especially memory.At least seven(7) hours of sleep each night.sleep is essential to lower level of stress hormones,to relax and refresh your entire body and to literally turn off your brain.There are parts of sleep where memory gets archive.sleeping medications may impair memory as well as all drugs.Also limit your intake of alcohol if you experience sleeping problems as it can disrupt sleeping patterns.
5.Nuts and Chocolates
Both nuts and chocolate aids to keep the brain alert and also supply energy to the brain.so have some chocolates and nuts sometime.

6.Focus on one thing at a time
One of the biggest causes of failing to remember something,is that "people aren't paying attention."Multiasking thus becomes an impediment to remembering names,a recipe,or something you just read.That's because the brain first has to encode information before it can retrieve the information as memory.Unless the brain is paying attention and taking in the information it will later need,the brain cannot encode.focus on someone or something and make a connection that will help them remember.Long practiced strategies such as linking a person's name to something else or another person person are also helpful or using sound associations.

7.Eat fish

Fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids can contribute to the health brain tissue,it reduces the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer disease in the elderly.

8.Caffeine can make you more Alert
When you need to keep awake,caffeine in cofffee and energy drink can help.It also improves the brain function.But excessive caffeine can increase the risk of heart related problems and cause isomnia.

9.Vitamins,Minerals and Supplements
Your nutritional requirements should be met primarily through your diet.However,supplements may be a useful way to get nutrients that you may be lacking.

10.Sugar can enhance Alertness
Sugar is your brain's preferred fuel source not table sugar,but glucose which your body metabolises from the sugar and carbohydartes you eat.

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