Pretty 20 year old Girl Falls in Love with Her Father’s 60 year old Friend (Photos)


A pretty 20-year-old student who fell in love with a man 40 years her senior has said it is the best thing ever to happen to her.

Dailymail reports that Leah Senibaldi, 20, from Nashville in Tennessee, met her ‘soul mate’ Ress Benson, 60, while he was performing in her dad’s band three years ago.

Leah revealed that she fell in love instantly after meeting Benson. The two are now planning on getting engaged after she finishes studying.

The relationship has continues to wax stronger since they met when Leah was just 17. The two started talking after Leah began speaking to him on Facebook but after her parents found out, and disapproved, the pair cut contact.


However, things got interesting when the two got together a year later and grew closer at band practices, before Leah confessed her feelings for him.

They became an official couple two years ago, in spite of the opposition from Leah’s family and many of her friends.

Leah said: ‘ We get a lot of stares, but we’re never offended, we play up to it and have a lot of fun by giving people something to stare at.

‘Quite often if we know people are staring we will kiss to try and wind them up, it shocks them but we don’t care because we’re not doing anything wrong.’

And describing the moment they first met she explained: ‘When we first met three years ago, our eyes just locked and I don’t know why but I ran up and hugged him – it just felt right.’


After my parents found out I was talking to Ress online, they assumed the worst, they didn’t want us talking and thought he was just trying to groom or use me. I was forbidden from talking to him, but after a year my feelings towards him hadn’t change and we started chatting again.’
‘After cutting off communications it was really hard, I thought about him a lot and knew in my heart that I needed to start talking to him again.’

Despite the controversy and opposition they face, the pair have remained together and pledged to support one another as their love grows stronger.

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