Passenger Laden Emirates Airplane Explodes At Dubai Airport After Crash Landing


An Emirates passenger jet has crash landed at Dubai Airport this morning before exploding into a massive fireball on the runway.
Thick black smoke could be seen rising over Dubai International Airport after the Emirates Boeing 777, carrying 282 passengers and 18 crew was forced into an emergency landing at around 12.45pm local time.
There are reports that the landing gear for the plane, which had flown from Trivandrum International Airport in India, may not have come down fully prior to touching down. Other reports claimed a fire had started mid-air before landing.

Dramatic footage shows the aircraft exploding in a fireball on the runway, with the force of the blast throwing a huge metal panel from the plane into the air.
Incredibly, all passengers are reported to have been evacuated safely before the plane was engulfed in flames.
The captain is believed to have sent out and emergency signal in the moments before the plane was preparing to land.
A pilot who witnessed flight EK521 landing told NDTV the plane came in 'really hard' and hit the 'runway tail'. A passenger on another plane said she could see emergency chutes deployed.

All flights to the Dubai terminal have been diverted while emergency crews work at the scene. All take-offs and landings have been suspended.

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