Management Have No Evidence To Support Their Claims Against Us - Gen. Sec Unilag SU


Suspended University of Lagos (UNILAG) Students Union Government (SUG) leaders have gone to enforce their rights. They are claming that the institution’s action is illegal. We Had a short chat with the General Secretary of the union and he had quite a lot to say, Read below;

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

 -  I am Emmanuel Afolabi, popularly known as *AFOO*. The General Secretary of the suspended University of Lagos Students' Union (ULSU)

  Last week, the school authority circulated a memo that authenticates the rustication of Ulsu executives. What is your take on this?

- Well, my take is that the school management goofed to have rusticated student leaders because of a protest It's unheard of, protest is a right in Nigeria

 There were rumors about the rustication and how many semesters each person got, can you please enlighten us ?
-   I got 2,  President got 4,  Speaker got 2,  PRO got 2,  Sports Sec got 2,  Fin Sec got 4, A non-executive student got 4, ULSU Parliament Chief Whip got 2, Two others got 2 each
  A non-executive got 4, how come?

- Only management can explain. The thing is, they don't even have evidence to support or prove their allegations against us

  What steps have the executives taken towards this directive by the school authority?
-  Well, some of us have appealed against the Senate decision Some of us are also in Court

  Do you think the outcomes would be favourable?
  I'm very positive about that. 
Will there be a sitting in the court or the verdict will just be passed?
- A sitting. The case has been adjourned till Oct 10

 Rumor has it that some popular activists took sides with the Ulsu executive... How true is this?
- I don't understand that question

 We heard that some popular activists in the country stood up to support the students... How true is this?
 - Yes
 - That happened immediately after the protest
 - But the tempo is low now
 - Okay
 Thanks you very much for your time
  We really hope the issue gets resolved
 You're welcome
 And we wish you all the best

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