Double Betrayal- Mum gets engaged to daughter's boyfriend(Photos)



At 19, Heather’s world fell apart when she found out her mother  Helen, 41, was having a relationship with her boyfriend Tom, 24, and the pair had become a couple.
To add salt to injury, Tom and Helen, who later got ­engaged, have won custody of her six-year-old son.Heather told the Sunday People:
“That woman stole my man and now she’s stolen my son.It’s sick. It’s as though she is trying to steal my whole life from me.Never in a million years did I think that my own mother would treat me like this.As a mum myself it goes against every instinct in my body to do anything that would hurt my child.
It’s also ­really sinister, like ­something out of a horror film.I’ve already lost the man I trusted enough to have a child with, and the one person who was supposed to look after me.Now they’ve taken my boy from me I don’t know how I will go on.”
At first Helen ­disapproved of Tom. She feared he was a bad boy involved in drink and drugs – but her attempts to thwart the budding romance were doomed. He and Heather were soon in love and inseparable.Heather said: “
When I got pregnant with his baby it was a happy accident. I yearned for the perfect family and to have a dad for both my children.”
But as the pregnancy progressed Tom became distant and it was Helen who helped her daughter to prepare for the new arrival.
 “I wanted her to be my birthing partner because mother and child is a special bond and I thought it would be nice that all three ­generations were together.”
“I told myself he was just coming to terms with the idea of giving up his party lifestyle to be a dad and he ­wanted to make the most of it before the baby arrived.Then, as the ­pregnancy progressed, Mum started to act ­strangely, too.

“Tom and I were arguing more and more about the tiniest of things. It was as though he wanted to pick fights but Mum would always side with him.”
 Heather noticed Helen was going out more, wearing make-up and ­younger clothes and had lost a lot of weight on a diet.

Heather and baby
“Alarm bells started ringing. I thought she might be having an affair but it never entered my head she was trying to impress Tom, because she is old enough to be his mum.”
The stress of the relationship was too much because he was never there.“He wouldn’t tell me what was wrong so we agreed to go our separate ways. I was heartbroken. I was going to be a single mum again.”
But a month later, when Heather was eight months pregnant, a ­bombshell rocked the family
 “I got home and Mum and Dad were sitting in the living room, both looking at the floor.Dad told me Mum was leaving him and they were getting rid of the house and moving into separate flats.I begged to know why but neither would give me an answer. That was when I knew I was right. She was ­definitely playing away.”.
Helen and Tom
 Two weeks later Heather ­realised the full, horrifying truth.
She said:
 “I was ­upset with Mum over her split with Dad, but she was still my mum. I went to her flat for advice on the birth and to talk about my split with Tom. I thought we could help each other."When I arrived I ­noticed she had a love bite on her neck.Then, just as she tried to explain it away, I heard a key in the door and in walked Tom.
“His jaw hit the floor when he saw me but when I asked why he had a key to my mum’s flat a smirk spread across his face. ‘I’m living here now,’ he said.”
“I thought I was going to faint or vomit as he told me how they had fallen in love and were starting over, ­together.“I felt stress running through my body and thought I’d go into labour there and then.”
Barry was so ­traumatised by his wife’s shameful fling that he tried to hang himself, thankfully failing...
Heather was alone as she screamed through the labour ­because Helen and Tom chose to stay home with their new Staffordshire bull terrier.

Heather said:
 “It was the most ­bittersweet moment of my life as I felt a huge surge of love for my baby, and ­gutting sadness that I’d lost the two people who I loved most in the world.“I was alone for one of the most important moments of my life.But then I realised I’d never be alone again ­because I had my ­beautiful children.”

 Since the heartbreak Heather has been ­rebuilding her life.She has even found love with a new partner – and has had a third child.But in October ,it emerged that Tom and Helen were seeking sole ­custody of his son.Until then, Heather and Tom had shared custody.
Heather said: “I crumbled. I was in total shock. I couldn’t believe they were doing it to me again.
“It was as though this is the next step in their sick plan to ruin my life – or at least steal it from me.”
 The judge ruled that the six-year- old should stay with Tom and Helen ­because they have no other children to care for, they are at home and can be full time carers.

The fact that they had decorated a ­bedroom especially for the lad was also cited as a reason for the ruling.Heather is allowed to see her son every other weekend and for half of school holidays.But every night she goes to sleep knowing it’s her mum Helen who is tucking him in.
She said: “I feel so let down and I know my son belongs with me because I wouldn’t trust anyone with that ­devious pair.
“But I’m no lawyer. I didn’t have one and they got theirs paid for. I didn’t stand a chance.
“All I’ve ever tried to do it provide a loving family for my children.


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