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    Ovarian cancer, so aggressive and extremely difficult to detect early. Mayowa is at rest. May we all live meaningfully.
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  3. Can't stop thinking about all you thought when we were 2geda
  4. May your gentle soul rest in peace Mayowa.
  5. Don't know you,but the story of your death hurts,I pray you find eternal rest
  6. Cancer patient, Mayowa, dies in South African hospital
  7. yu fought well but God knowz best....
  8. ...and Linda Ikeji is being accused for her death. Sincerely, making her feel bad for her death won't help at all.
  9. Heart breaking to know that she didn't make it, but for the support of Nigerians towards saving her life, shows we can still be 1
  10. trends as Toolz and other Nigerians on twitter mourn her demise
  11. So Mayowa died? I am sure.. she had her with God long before now... She's in a better place... is short really
  12. Ovarian cancer is a terrible disease - a wake-up call for women to constantly go for check-ups
  13. Rest in Peace Sister, till we meet at the Lords last supper
  14. May you rest in peace🙏
  15. : Twitter pays tribute to a brave young woman who fought till the very end
  16. Let all bloggers tht in one way published that was a scam take a day (tomorrow)off blogging to show her some respect
  17. Stage IV cancer is almost always impossible to fight. There's nothing that could have been done medically to save her life
  18. People are not happy with Linda ikeji .. calling a scam to drive traffic was cruel tho'