The early morning healthy sun filled with energy shone brightly with a large smile on us,

I, personally happen to be very grateful that it wasn’t the usual Nigerian sun that always

squeezed out the living moist out of we Nigerians, not to talk of the ‘’Baba Nla Unilag Sun’’

or rather the temperature that always seemed to be worse than the original of every

temperature during every season, meaning that when the Nigerian sun is squeezing living

moist, ‘’ Unilag sun’’ is actually roasting and vaporizing us live, same goes for Harmattan,

rain and the likes, blah! Blah!! Blah!!!...point is , I was happy that the sun was just mild and

golden that morning...with that being said, I was sure freaking sure that we were going to

end up late for the CHM 203 class, and personally I actually for the first time cared, why? It’s

a four unit course and once you get even just a C, you know that your GPA will start dancing

‘’Konko Bilo’’, so imagine what an F would look like.

Daniel and I had already taken our time to stroll for the class, since we were sure of

being late, we finally got to the hall which was located at the Distance Learning Institute

(DLI) and then marched in through the back door to see an enormously crowded class

brimming with students, thankfully the Lecturer had not yet arrived, I scan the hall, and as I

predicted, the determined oversabi ones were already seated comfortably in front , the

fresh bad ass guys were present too, at the back and also the scrappy ones too were

vivid...it was going to be a long day, I turned to see Daniel who was surprised at first but

then slipped out his phone and dialled, I on the other hand scanned for familiar faces before

sitting on a dusty bench close to me, I signalled Daniel to join me and take a seat, but trust

him, neat freak...he declined still with his phone on his ear he just kept making disgusting

faces as people where making body contact with him...he finally gave up and sat beside me,

and that was after using about five tissue rolls to clean the seat.

‘’ O Boy, nawah for you’’. I say shaking my head

‘’ What?’’. Daniel replies with one of the most epic looks i’ve ever seen.

‘’ how you wan take do am when you marry? ehn’’.

‘’ Sharrap joor, you think say I don turn you wey only like big boobs, wide thighs and fat

ass’’. Daniel replies as the girls around turn towards our direction with awkward looks....

‘’Mtcheww’’. I hiss

All these girls be forming.....

Daniel’s phone beep as he peeks at the message and the sender’s ID

...Um Daniel hi, I got your message so I kept a space for you and your stupid friend...where

are you guys? I’m at the eight row counting from the front...be chaps.

Tinu Jones....

He smirks at me as I look at him and he signals me to follow; we make our way to the

front and spot the bench...I sigh, Daniel has a sly smile on his face, he adjusts his glasses and

make way to the bench and I grudgingly follow. Well you might be wondering who the ‘’

Tinu girl’’ is...um to me, she is a very disgusting boy obsessed...wait Daniel obsessed proud

bitch, who is a female fatale to everything I like and she also feels the same way about

me...so were even, to Daniel, she is a loyal friend. Simple, who happens to be ‘’crushing’’ on

him since like forever....and finally to everyone else, she is this Fine, light skinned, smart,

nice girl that seems to be the classes’sweetheart’’... if there is anything I can agree to on the

personality list is that Atinuke-Kewa Jones is pretty as hell, yes I said it, and that’s because

she’s half Lebanese, half Nigerian, I may dislike her but when I see a pretty girl I know one,

well she has also told me that I’m freaking handsome, so on that we are on the same page,

asides that we are Y’s and Z’s.

I finally take my seat beside Daniel, leaving him in between Tinu and I.

‘’ Daniel, hi, how you doing, you came pretty late but thankfully the lecturer has not

come’’. She said sounding all angelic with her light and thin voice which personally I felt she

was forming to get Dan’s attention. I rolled my eyes and placed my hand on my chin...

‘’ Sorry, if I kept you waiting, it was this nigga that help me up’’. Daniel replied giving me a

slight jab that I shrugged off.

‘’ Yeah, I thought as much’’. Tinu muttered under her breath as I turned sharply to her, I

heard that, but I really don’t want to start commotion this morning, especially not with the

classess’ Beyonce, I sigh and turn to her, a fake smile on my face...

‘’ Oh, Tinu how far, Happy New Year ooo, wow!!! You look so bleached up and swollen this

morning, what’s up with you now? You didn’t sleep last night? Ehn’’. I greet as Daniel let

out a chuckle, I stare at Tinu, my fake smile still on, waiting for her reply...Gosh, I’m so

freaking good at acting.

‘’ Oh, Denola, hi, I didn’t even notice your presence....”



‘’ As a matter of fact I slept last night and woke up early enough to get to class on time

today, and I’m not even in hostel, unlike...AHEM!’’ Tinu replies clearing her throat. Daniel

turns to me laughing as he whispers the words...


And as i was about to reply her, the lecturer came in....my only chance for a hot comeback

has been extinguished.....


Today really is indeed going to be Long Day...

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