Witty Diaries: Episode 1; The Main Course



The Rooster had already gave out its uncomfortable morning cry as the dawn had finally break the dusk leaving the skies with beautiful streaks of blue, lavender, light blue and star white that graced the atmosphere. It was time to rise, I turned around in my sheets and grudgingly take out my watch from underneath my pillow, I then struggle to open my waxed eyes as I take a peek at the time, my vision still foggy from sleep as it read 6:30 a.m.,....Haha, a smile crept across my face, a thought settling in my mind.
''.....there's still more than enough time....''
I slide my watch back under the pillow and then turn to look at the room, my roommates were still fast asleep, As usual..... I mean they were lucky, most of them had their first lectures by 10:00 a.m, and I, given that Karma is forever a bitch, always had my first lectures by 8:00 a.m., and all these happen to be lectures that I could not afford to stab, like it was just against my will to do so, and why is that? Firstly, If I get to the lecture by 8:00 a.m. Exact, I may end up seatless or the lecturer would have started the lecture. Secondly, Even if I get a seat, it'll be at the back of the hall which personally I like but would still have to endure the endless rant from the lecturer about how back-benchers always end up failing at the end of the semester and the attendance always never gets to the back side which is so freaking annoying,....So yeah, call it whatever you may, whether hypocrisy or overdo or slying, I sincerely love going early for lectures of my most important courses because I always get an upper hand when it comes to attendance cause that's like freaking free Ten Marks, Only reason.
I release a sigh when I see some of the squatters, Diploma students, rushing for their 7:00 a.m. Claas, I let out a chuckle, grab my blanket and drift off to La... La...Land.
''....And the best graduating student is Marcus Deno....''
I jerk up from my sleep only to see my best friend Daniel, Tofarati Daniel Van tap me up.
''Urghh''. I groan from my sleep.
''Baba wake up''. I hear Daniels voice calling me up.
'' Wetin na, free me joor ''. I reply him back still struggling to get up...I close my eyes and try to get back to my awesome dream when it hit me...Shit, I'm having Chemistry 203 class today...Daniel taps me again,this time even harder.
''Denola wake up jareh, it's almost time for CHM 203 class''.
I open my eyes wide and jump down from my bunk with a loud thud, I trip and let out a cry of slight pain as Daniel helps me up...Daniel has always been a supportive friend to me as we've been friends since Secondary School, JSS3 precisely, and we later became best buds in SS2...By the way Daniel is the total opposite of me except for a few similarities like us being both multitalented and handsome, I am more handsome by the way, yeah I said it, our ''oppositicy'' as I call it gives the saying ''opposites attract and likes repel'' a 100 percent affirmation, Daniel is brilliant, I mean way smart, than even me, he's really introverted and also a neat freak, he's also into boring stuff like health, books, psychology to mention a few he's also skinny and really tall with beigey skin which fits him perfectly and makes him look like a total model package which I envy a lot, he's a very blunt, honest and extremely nice person and he gives the best and most helpful advice on any...wait every issue... but he also has a very bad side when he is pissed or angry....at that point he becomes the hulk and I love and hate that part of him, but still he's my best bud....Unlike me, I'm really outgoing, I'm not so smart, like ''Daniel smart'' and also not dull or stupid, I'm a bit buff and slightly tall, I'm into trending things of fashion, music and art and yeah last but not least, I'm freaking handsome...to the extent I even get jealous of me...What!!! I push Daniel a little as he hissed...
" You dumbass, go get ready joor, it's already 7:30 a.m.''. Daniel says.
'' What!!!'' . I exclaim staring at him, he shrugged me off and began to tap his phone, I stare at his HTC 10, grab it from him and check the time.
7:32 a.m.
''Yeeee!!!''. I exclaim as I grab my tooth paste and spread on my brush, I quickly undress and slip into my towel as I pick up a bucket, I hurriedly raced to the door when Daniel yelled at me waking some of my roommates up in the process...
''Bros, my phone''. He signals to me as I go back to him and hand him his phone, he gives me a slight knock on my head and smiles...I put my brush in my mouth, just as I was about to head to the bathroom I turn to look at Daniel and just noticed that he was already fitted up in his striped shirt, chinos and converse that all looked expensive...yeah...did I forget to mention that Daniel's parents are stinking rich, like billionaire rich and strangely he's Not proud and doesn't let it get to his head at all, you'll never know unless he tells you, he's pretty humble, my parents on the other hand are also rich but not billionaire rich....back to where to where I was....
I head to the door and hear Daniel laughing as he looking at me, I frown, confused...
''What?''. I ask him.
''Nothing, it's just that you've always been like this since, forever ''. He replies as I give him a sarcastic smile...
'' Ehn. Abeg fuck off''. I add as I make my way to the bathroom, my brush in my mouth.
'' Sha be chaps with your rub and shine, later now you'll be feeling fresh for chics''. I hear Daniel shout from my room as I smile and shake my head, I nudge him quickly to call someone to keep space for us in the class as I was so sure we would get to class late...he nodded as I Stepped into the bathroom.
Rub and shine...
.....CHM 203, here I come....
Authour-Makinde Purple

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