​This is not a poem about Nigeria  
Rather it is about a hundred and twent million people living below 2 dollars a day 
It is about a civil servant that gave his adult life to the country only to be told a director has embezzled his pension funds 
It is about the plenty girls , whose lust, greed and wants has converted to shameless whores 
This is about the numerous births that contribute to another inconsequential statistics 
This is about the Man that was burnt because he stole a pot of soup 
The people that poured fuel on his head prostrated for the commissioner who was reported to have stolen so much
I repeat this is not a poem about nigeria 
It is a poem about a land filled with milk and honey but hungry citizens  
It is about the university graduate , that is searching for jobs that are no where to be found 
It is about the man that appeased ani the GOD of the soil but lost his life to herdsmen 
It is about his widowed wife who now is the father and mother of their kids
This is not a poem about nigeria 
It is rather a poem about the soldier who swore an oath to defend the county with his life 
Yesterday he read in the news the sad tale of how his commander looted money meant for arms 
It Is about the campaign promises , if you vote me in I will make heaven on earth 
Sweet words little action , we don’t even care anymore
This is not a poem about nigeria 
It is about the incorruptible president , surrounded by jegudu jeras  
President’s adorns the garb or agammaemon his adversaries Achilles in the end the people suffer untold economic hardship
It is about the change government that promised change on an altar never witnessed 
Give us the change , we still make a sharp turn to when Jonathan was in power 
It is about the educated youths without a see through lenses beyond Apc and PDP
This is not a poem about nigeria 
It is about the many professors that bastsrdized education 
With reforms and deforms, students are now asked to learn how to shine shoes 
It is about the randy lecturer that failed my female friend because she didn’t warm his bed 
It is about the monthly dues we pay to PHCN 
This I repeat is not a poem about nigeria 
It is about the super eagles that no longer soar like the Eagles 
It is about the Olympic athletes that were asked to pay for their own tickets 
It is about the NFf that announced a contract with a coach they had no agreement with 
It is about the president appointing his blood line and since then we’ve not had a conclusive election
This is not a poem about nigeria 
It is about the shiites that were killed because they crossed the way of our GoC 
It is about the avengers and their senseless killings and pipeline vandalism of their own land 
It is about the preacher that was killed because she preached Christianity 
It is about the 9 year old boy that was chained by his own daddy who doubles as the pastor of a church
This is not a poem about nigeria 
This is about the madness ravaging the land
This is about a serving senator that drank Alamo bitters and started daydreaming about another senator
This is about the scarcity of aviation fuel …. 
This for the last time is now a poem about nigeria 
It is about  me and you , 
Who throw nylons into the gutter , so when it rains the sewage becomes blocked 
It is about Me and you
When confronted with the choice of electing leaders we elect lions to watch over our goats 
We throw logic to the winds and do as we want 
In the end the land suffers 
P.S before you label me a wailing wailer and a haiiling hailer , remember i said this is not a poem about Nigeria…

Influenced by Efe Paul Azino 
This is not a political poem


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