There Was A Nation


There was a Nation

Flourishing under the watchful eyes of the colonial masters 

Civilization and development they termed it 

But in retrospect slavery , colonialism and neo colonialism  


There was a nation 

Natives revolted , give us our country back , we need to rule our people under our own laws

The white man watched with awe as works of a hundred years went down the pipe 

Thus the resuscitation of a brilliant plan 

We shall sow seeds of discord in the natives and rule then through proxy  


There was a nation 

Independence was gotten but country men , leaders and nationalists were thought the art of dancing to macabre songs played in Britain and France 

If you remain steadfast to our agenda , your blessing in Switzerland shall be much 

As independence day arrived , Harold smith stayed to perfect their agenda 


There was a country 

 Natives didn't make much of it , until the land in oloibiri bled oil in 1956

The beginning of do or die politics  

Oil, religion , ethnicity , indiscipline became the bane of the new republic 

The nation was grappling and at a point wasn't sure about which foot to put forward or backward 


There was a country 

Problem continued until a group of 5 young soldiers , armed with nothing but their vision for a better nigeria planned and carried out a military coup 

Inexperience cut short their dream but the damage has been done 

Hausa ' s revolted , they killed our emir , they killed the sardauna , they killed tafawa balewa

Pokom pokom, another counter coup, we were yet to get over the first one 


There was a country 

With an Hausa mam at the helm , people from the far north took law in their hands 

How ? A senseless pogrom that took out 30,000 people from the face of the earth 

The ikemba of Nnewi couldn't believe it , plus he is yet to come to terms with Gowon being the supreme leader 

Come back home he told his tribes men, gbim gbim gbim , chants of war were heard ..  


There was a country

may 29th , we threaded that dangerous path men should avoid, gbao gbao resonated on the air 

And for 30 months we killed each other , brothers against brothers , aunts against aunts ..

Terrible pictures , terrible hunger , this was not the plan , this should not be happening to us 

In the end no Victor no vanquish but like we all know in a war children and women suffer  


There was a country 

Different military juntas, worth mentioning is Sani Abacha 

He ruled with blood , iron and a lion fur 

He hanged Ken sari siwa and the nine Ogonis , we faced sanctions upon sanctions 

Brethren amidst the terrible situation, a million Nigerians marched for Abacha so he can continue ruling the county ..

Long story cut short , Abacha ate apples but instead of opening his eyes like it did to Adams own , it closed his .. 


There was a country 

Entered the fourth republic with its promises of a light at the end of the tunnel 

But baba spent 8 years and instead of reducing poverty, it became the major ethnic group in Nigeria 

Inflation , subsidy , recession , power tussle became the order of the day ......

Baba left the rock , and left Yaradua in the corridors of power 

Yaradua spent more time at the hospital than he ruled us , in the end he was  lowered to his grave , Inna illahi wa Inna illahi rajiuna 


There was a country 

With the former president lowered to his grave , providence was placed on the shoulder of a man from otuoke

But for every time he was in power It was as though he was not prepared 

And he tampered with our crude oil price so he was sent back to otueke  


There is now a country 

Stagnating under the watch of a leader that was voted amid much fanfare 

He was voted to clean the augean stables but seems like he's contributing his own pile of dirt 

Naira falls daily to the dollar like it is an epileptic patient 

Economic recession and depression is the new anthem amongst the populace 

The war against corruption is fought by the media and not the relevant authority 

Suffer they this land paparapa.. 

This 4 years will pass one day and hopefully we will get our acts together

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