Sponsored: Job Opportunity for Nigerians.


The Skills Academy announces opportunity for skilled Nigerians. The Academy is an online

institute with a mission to provide home tutorials on certain select skills, which include, but are

not limited to: dance, music and playing musical instruments, web developments and creation,

cooking, hair dressing, content development and marketing, digital marketing, etc. The trainings

are also provided to organizations and institutions that need contract staff to train them on any of

these skills.

The Academy has a mission of providing qualitative learning to the world at the convenience of

the learner. And has decided to positively engage skilled Nigerians, basically youths, who are

currently underpaid or unemployed, and are vigorously in search of a lucrative engagement, in

the pursuit of this mission.

Hence, as part of its commencement process, the academy invites all Nigerians with any skill to

apply for an opportunity to become a well-paid tutor, with flexible contractual terms.


All Nigerians with any skill is eligible to apply. However, applicants resident, and/or available to

tutor, in Lagos will be considered first. Other applications will be considered after Lagos has

been concluded.


 All interested applicant should apply through this link

 A copy of the CV of the applicant should be sent to [email protected]

 Both certified and non-certified applicants (including those whose certification process is

in view) are eligible to apply.

 Applicant should be a minimum of 18 years old.

 All applicant should possess a minimum of SSCE certificate.

For more information, contact: [email protected] or call +23408123085378.

You can also follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/skillsacademy01 or Twitter:


[Note: The launching of the official website will be held on Thursday, 21-06- 2016. Everyone is

enjoined to anticipate the launching.]

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