Majek Fashek over the weekend, put forward the allegations that Timi Dakolo stole his hit single, ‘Send Down the Rain.’

Dakolo however, in 2013, had released a remix of the song, and has gone ahead to monetize it, with the song currently listed on digital music stores as a single. But Fashek said Timi never took permission from him before doing the song, nor contacted him before performing the song. Timi has however denied the claims that he stole the veteran artist Majek Fashek’s song.

Majek Fashek’s manager – Omenka Uzoma has penned down an open letter to Mr Timi, read below and let us know what you think:
Hi Mr Timi Dakolo.
My name is Omenka Uzoma Day[UZO], & I am Majek Fashek music business consultant Manager and sole representative. The main purpose of writing this open letter is to address the situation of you doing a cover version of Majek Fashek song without his prior consent or acknowledgement.
Although we appreciate and we are always on hand to support young and upcoming artist, not against the fact that they remixed the songs of legends but things have to be done in the right order, in the sense of acknowledging and giving accreditation to the rightful owners of intellectual property, we feel that there is infringement of copyright here.
I am here with Majek in London and we are working hard on Majek new material which is our first and primal focus. And everything is going accordingly to God be the Glory. So I am actually alarmed to know that you Mr Dakolo an experience well respect Nigerian music artist within the Nigerian Entertainment would operate in such an uncanny manner It more surprising to see you steep so low as to use Majek Fashek iconic song ‘Send down the rain’ without me or Majek fashek permission.
It’s totally outrageous and beggars believe why u would disrespect and disregard Majek Fashek a Nigerian international living legend. You are trying to gain of Majek hard sweat. Majek does not know you personally and he has never meet you or even spoken to you on the phone before. Its seems you are trying to capitalizing on Majek ups and down. And exactly whom did you pay and when and where did this take place?
I am Majek only known Manager so it is interesting to know that you said you received an invoice. Please if you can kindly make this so called mysterious invoice public or any other documentation you have to prove you were giving permission to use his song. The true is with all due respect you have breached a copyright infringement pertaining ‘Send down the rain’. You were never giving permission by anyone to use the song. You did it off your own accord. So please to avoid us washing our dirty linen in public please if you can kindly remove all forms of material of your cover version of ‘Send down the rain’.
We would welcome the opportunity to have a meeting with you to discuss thing further with you Mr Timi Dakolo so we can come to a neutral amicable understanding to avoid us taking legal action because our Lawyers are aware of this case.‎

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