Oops! Embarrassing Moment When Man Who Pretended To Be Disable Gets Caught By Passerby. (Photos)


BUSTED!!! You know the force is not with you when things like this happens to you!!

A man who pretended to be disabled so as to beg for money on the street was busted by a passer-by – who refused to be convinced by his tricks.

The “disabled man” had tucked his legs into the back of his boxer shorts, to give the appearance that he had no legs.

He then wore a pair of trousers to cover his hidden limbs and spent the day sitting on a skateboard. But he was nabbed on when another man, who had walked past the ‘disabled beggar ‘, was unconvinced by his act.

The passer-by pulled down the man’s trousers to reveal his hidden limbs to the waiting crowds. When the fraudster realized his cover had been blown, he desperately tried to wheel himself away on his skateboard.

The footage was posted on Live leak.

busted disabled

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